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    Julio you are ONE person...We cannot take your blood test results and say the same will be true for everyone else.

    We have scientific literature that proves opposite of what you are saying...So either that stuff is wrong, you are wrong, or you are both right and it is different for each individual.

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    I agree with you.

    I concluded that the literature does not work for everyone. Have to take the test and do blood tests. You can not just rely on the literature.

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    Just browsing old threads. Is this still working for you?

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    Loomings an update bro?

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    Hello everyone

    It's my first post on this forum, I have read this discussion with interest as I contemplated taking finasteride for the last couple of years as I was advised to do so by a well known HairLoss centre here in UK, after reading tons of information on the net I decided to start taking a dose of 0.5mg daily on the 21st Dec 2017, on the very same day I experienced a mild pain in the nuts which on and off persisted on a daily basis, after 3/4 days I noticed my morning erections stopped and I can sincerely say that after 7/8 days I had serious difficulties to have sex with my wife. I am not sure if I fall in the 1 or 2% stats but surely this was enough to scare the hell out of me and stopped this stuff last week. My plan is to go back to a dermatologist and start from basics again (blood tests eccetera..) and see where things are wrong .

    I find incredible that after 20 years there are still arguments on the effectiveness and the correct usage of this drug. Don't you all agree?

    On the other hand I am also very interested how did it work out for Loomings.....

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