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    Quote Originally Posted by gmonasco View Post
    And yet, with all that investment, they can't manage to provide anything better than a scant handful of murky, ambiguous A/B photos to demonstrate the effectiveness of their product, even though such pictures are the single most important factor in drawing customers?

    When will companies learn? The Internet has one means of communications that matters here - pictures.

    If you give us inconsistent, poorly framed crap to look at how can the intelligent people actually form an opinion?

    Ultimately "real life" is the best way to form an opinion, but thats not feasible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmonasco View Post
    And yet, with all that investment, they can't manage to provide anything better than a scant handful of murky, ambiguous A/B photos to demonstrate the effectiveness of their product, even though such pictures are the single most important factor in drawing customers?
    That's exactly why it doesn't seem like a scam to me. They spent a ton of money on their IP and PP&E, and almost nothing on marketing (the site is not even properly complete yet). The typical playbook for the scammer is to spend nothing on IP and PP&E and everything on marketing.

    Let's not cast opinions prematurely. I will keep my word and sign up for a consultation when they open, and we can test it then. I will be sure to let you guys know how it eventuates. Being overly skeptical is just as naive as being overly optimistic.

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    Note that all the pictures (and everything except the press releases and legal info) has been removed from their site.

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    Default ****sucker alert .

    Hi all.... I put this thread on your site a while back , I never post usually ... Anyway this company sends my account at lest 2 e - mails per day ... We have appointed this hero..... Another hero ... Honestly it's as if Jesus Christ is a staff member here ... I just read a recent one and they now have treated 30 000 . No photos to back it up of course . Now they offer preventative on people who aren't bald and are having great success ... Probably the greatest load of shit I've read in my life ... Scratch this mob off the list ... Sounds like some entrapeneir trying an Internet scheme ..... I sent him a reply and told him he was making tremendous grounds as 2012 ****sucker of the year ... Anyway .

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    Question Back again

    Hi all . Just thought I would let you all know that the company , biologix have sent me literally 50 emails . Anyway they are open for business , they have an updated page which Looks ok which has all the info . This is no good for me because I'm not in a country where it is available . Might help someone . Be nice if it works and u guys can get what u are after. Just thought I'd post the update . Take it for what it's worth . Could not give 2 shits about who they are but if people get helped its a success . Good luck boys .

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    Which countries are they available in?
    Someone should take a look/try?

    Just so we know.

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    Default Available in Columbia already


    I came from another forum to post about this Biologix stuff and saw its already on here.

    I contacted the company with a few questions that popped up while I was reviewing the website. They immediately replied to me and said if I had more questions I should call them up.

    Here are the questions and answers.



    I have been following your company for quite some time. I'm sure you are aware that this industry has a very bad reputation and so me as well as other people tend to be very skeptical towards companies that promise an easy solution. Now that you launched your new website and this product is about to be available, I would like to ask some questions.

    1. You say this product is safe and that it was given people in an clinical environment for almost 7 years. But you have no FDA or EMA approval for this product. How come you did not pursue this since you are working with this substance since 2004 ?

    The doctors and scientists were in South America and only treated local clients there hence they had no reason to pursue the FDA or EMA. We now have the therapy and are proceeding with this.

    2. You claim to have 5000 people treated. I'm from europe and contribute to Hair Loss Forums here as well as in the US. How come in all these years never ever anybody showed up in these Forums who had been treated with Biologix Hair and had results ?
    I think the Hair loss community is very well cross-linked worldwide. Still nobody knows about this.

    The name is relative new as is our company and again all of this was previously done on a local basis by a few physicians working with the inventor of the therapy.

    3. Are there already clinics in Mexico or the Caribbean where you can get the treatment ?

    Right now there is one in Colombia and more to follow in central and South America.

    4. Would you offer a test treatment ?

    Probably not but this would be up to the individual therapy center not us.

    5. How likely is you will get FDA approval for this in the next 2 years ?

    Not very likely as we believe it will be probably 3 - 4 years. All of this is explained in our very detailed website.

    I suggest after reviewing the website in detail that you then contact our hair consultants for more information.

    Best, Ron


    They seem pretty open and I think the money that was put into this is already to big for a cheap snake oil. If you have half a brain and compare effort to harness you will quickly realize that this bares any sense since putting this entire thing up was to expensive for a cheap fake. Especially when they advertise results in a few weeks and once someone who has been testing it reports BS. There would be no big bugs in this ....

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    It sounds like a scam, there's know scientific proof it works and even in the South American country that they are operating from it's not on their local news being a medical breakthrough.

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    Where are the medical journal articles that show the results of their study?

    Who is Dr. Duran? lmfao where are his journal releases that show the evidence for new hair follicle formation?

    This is absolute bullshit.

    Probably set up by the same people who ran the bioregenerative sciences scam last year:

    All you need is a nifty web designer and a good bullshitter with an ounce of knowledge about the hair loss industry. People going bald are desperate, all they need is a slight nudge in the right direction & they'll end up spending £300 on a small bottle of minox and green tea extract.

    Toronto labs & offices? They're probably operating out of a basement in Panama.

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    "Follicle Nutrient Deficiency Syndrome"

    ^ BULLSHIT. Your body has plenty of nutrients and if it didn't then your body hair wouldn't grow but it does

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