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    Hi SilverSurfer. Thanks for your reply.
    Quote Originally Posted by SilverSurfer View Post
    Didn't they told you to massage the crusts until they fell off and then that with the applications of minoxidil about 70% of the grafts should fall?
    Quote Originally Posted by SilverSurfer View Post
    Don't worry, the idiot that performed my firts hts never told me either. Look if it was done at a reputable clinic the worst that could happen is it will take longer for the grafts to grow or they might not grow(worst case scenario). But still I would recommend you to have it checked by a pro. If you are in Europe you should make an appointment with one fo the top doctors (Bisanga, De Reys, Mwamba, Feriduni, Devroye, etc) and see what they tell you.
    Am seeing Farjo on tuesday (they're the people that did the work). I can't afford to see any of the guys you listed. Am broke after spending all my money on a hair transplant.

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    See what they say. And if by the 18 month mark there is no change I would recommend looking for another surgeon. Start saving...All the best and good luck next week. Kepp us posted to see what they tell you.

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    I am glad you are working with Dr. F to get things back on track. Good luck and be patient for the results.
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    Default Mick

    Who wouldn't worry if they think something is wrong with their transplant? Better safe than sorry. And no, I dont think I was alarmist, in any case it was your clinic that forgot to give him all the process post surgery.

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    Barry77, let us know your thoughts, you pleased with the further advise from the Farjo clinic, you relaxed about the future and the outcome of the HT?
    ...don't keep us hanging, people follow threads and like to see a conclusion, me anyway, haa


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    Hi Guys. Sorry for the delay. I am pleased with the advice from Farjo as it convinced me that it wasn't the grafts falling out but is more likely to do with not washing my hair vigorously enough. The damage is hopefully reversible.

    I couldn't afford to follow it up with seeing a specialist they recommended so I went to see my GP for advice and got some medicated shampoo on the NHS (National Health Service - free (at the point of use) healthcare in the UK).

    Scalp is still in a heck of a state and the situation of having clumps of skin with large groups of hair attached is still the case and is still devastating.

    I find it odd that the forum isn't full of people with similar problems. A transplant is fairly profound trauma for the head (physically and mentally). I never really got back into the habit of washing my hair as energetically as I had done before the work. Perhaps I'm just unlucky but the condition of my scalp right now seems to me in no way commensurate with the neglect of thorough washing.

    My advice to anyone a few months out of a transplant: wash your hair regularly with a high pressure jet hose.

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    So glad to hear it was not anything serious.
    Independent Patient Advocate

    NOTE: I am not a physician and not employed by any doctor/clinic. My opinions are not medical advice nor are they the opinions of the following endorsing physicians: Dr. Bob True & Dr. Bob Dorin

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    Default I had the same thing

    Hello Barry I googled ‘flakey scalp post FUE’ and your thread came up,

    I have just had the same thing as you I had a FUE transplant 6 months ago and my scalp became really flakey and bits would come off about 1cm square with hair attached. My FUE surgeon said it was just the shafts not the root and not to worry.

    Last month I went on holiday and with the scalp being wet all day from swimming in the pool etc the flakes washed off along with some hair leaving it looking patchy, after this I thought I better get some anti dandruff conditioner to remedy the flaky scalp so I bought head and shoulders anti dandruff conditioner, used it for a month until my next check up with my FUE surgeon, he told me the head and shoulders had stripped my hair of any goodness and possibly damaged some grafts.

    Therefore I’m just wondering how yours is now did it all grow back?

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