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    Quote Originally Posted by Louish View Post
    All this is very well known but since the long term conséquences are difficult to quantify since they would require long term follow ups (who would pay for it?) it is easier to accept a comforting lie and focus on the occurrence of short term usual side effects like impotence and gynecomastia. More money for big pharma and more hair for the average self conscious MPB sufferer.
    Yeah that makes sense. Thanks. Can you also answer my last question about minoxidil?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vantage View Post
    Yeah that makes sense. Thanks. Can you also answer my last question about minoxidil?
    From what I know minox is inhibiting the hydroxylation of Lysine in vitro. This is a crucial step because the different collagen polypeptides are link together via an Hydrogen bond called Schiff base and without it collagen structure will be deficient. A problem well known with Scurvy as vitamin C is a mandatory coenzyme for said hydroxylation. That being said, in vivo studies didn't replicate those results from what I have read. Anyway minox barely works for it's intended purpose, it's a pain to apply and you mess with your blood pressure on a daily basis. I would never touch it either.

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