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    Hi Guys!
    I am a really newer poster and I am 47 years old with a thin crown and mid-anterior scalp is thinning. Front is pretty good considering everything. I am starting to talk with a well known HT specialist (respected on this forum) and I will be looking at all my options. I will say this about Rogaine. I have been on it for 5-6 years. I do have a puffy face and dark circles under my eyes. This seems to have started the last few years and I think I have had it before. Also, I have a low iron problem that can cause dark circles. I am glad I ran into this thread just because I never thought about rogaine possibly causing the circles and I still doubt its the causebut at least I can keep it on the list to consider. I tell you guys, I don't know what to do. I am so twisted about whether to let it go or what. I am horrified of Fin because I already take a SSRI which doesn't cause terrible sex sides but I do have a hard time finishing (Anorgasmia) some times- The girl loves it for obvious reasons. I want to do a HT but I have no idea whether that's a good idea or not at this time. Aso, looking at PRP/Acell so pray for me guys, I am lost. I am also dangerous because I can afford these things. I really want to try Fin first but dunno...

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    has anyone gotten rid of the wrinkles caused by minoxidil> please help

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