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    really? well I can assure it aint attracting any girls either..... would u be attracted to a chic who was balding? no i didn't think so. so why wud u think women wud be attracted to a balding man? their not! and its simply a sign of old age and there is nothn youthful about a balding guy.

    yea yea yea I know there a exceptions to every rule but the rule is young hot chics in general are NOT attracted to balding dudes PERIOD!

    Quote Originally Posted by Onion Knight View Post
    That's the true people need to understand that hair doesn't bring you girls.

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    I've only ever commented on the cutting edge section but I felt like I needed to respond to this threat because of how depressed I am at the moment. What's funny to me is that everyone here seems to make the connection between baldness and old age, or a lack of youth. Honestly, I see plenty of guys who are bald and look plenty young to me, but maybe that's just a reflection of my own situation. My hairloss doesn't make me look older, it just makes me look considerably worse. An unthinkable combination is that my skin has been getting worse and worse for the better part of a couple years. So not only am I short (5'8), I'm balding pretty rapidly in a diffuse manner and I have bad skin. Like seriously, how much of a sadistic asshol.e must I have been in my past life right??

    Balding has ruined me in a way that I could never have imagined. It's taken my self-esteem hostage and I don't see myself ever realizing the confidence I had when I was a teenager. I sometimes sit around and fantasize about the horrific things that I would gladly put myself through if I could just get my hair back. Waterboarding, anal rape, a year of solitary confinement: you name it. I'm not even kidding, I would jump at the chance to make any of these trade-offs. If it is even remotely socially acceptable to wear a hat, I've got one on.

    As someone else mentioned, the hardest part is just knowing that barring some remarkable advancements in hairloss treatments, I will never again be able to get out of the shower and start off my day thinking I look good. That's a truly horrible realization that I wouldn't wish on anyone. I just got invited to a wedding next year because two of my friends are tying the knot down south and one of the first things I thought about was how I was probably going to be the only "friend" who was bald. I'm only 25, this is the first wedding I get to go to where I will be able to party my face off and the first thing I think about is my goddamn vertex. Like I could buy a $5,000 Italian tailored suit, have a two week Caribbean tan and be coming off a steroid cycle and I am going to look worse than just about every guy there who has a full head of lettuce to rock. It's a poisonous mind-set that I just can't shake. (That was longer than I anticipated, sorry for ranting...)

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