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    wtf r u talkin about.. sounds like blah blah, henna?.. idk keeping it movin.. hey krauss or hairlarry, anything new on this?.. i see AC's been posting some new pics lately, man their stuff looks good.. i just feel like somethings gotta giv with this but AC seems to show us otherwise.. idk but i think I'm gettin closer n closer to this man

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    Wow - well I can say with pretty much a certainty that I am no way going to go through transplant - I dont think I could stand looking halfway normal and I doubt I have enough hair left to get to normal.

    The tatts on the other hand - outstanding. I could see myself doing this. I'm a little apprehensive only because after more than 25 years in a hair system the scalp at the top of my head is thin, wondering if that will be an issue with this procedure.

    I've worn a system all these years because I could never live with that see through scraggly look most guys wind up with in transplantation. I am the kind of personality that could never stand the idea I wasn't going to look 20 at the end of 30k worth of work LOL! Sorry - but for that kinda jingaling I better look like John freakin BonJovi!

    I am guessing if I do the tatt thing and it looks bad - I will just be back in a system - nothing ventured nothing gained. If on the other hand it turns out well - omg the idea of feeling my SCALP again!! You just can't even imaine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awdedaniel View Post

    Grey issues are resolved by a full tatoo on the sides [...]
    Can you tell me what you mean by this?
    I am a patient and representative of Dr Rahal

    My FUE With Dr Rahal - Awesome Hairline Result

    I can be contacted for advice:

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    Sounds like a choice between crap and crapper really!

    Seriously, if you're bothered about hair loss, how is having a severe shaved head look going to help because of a few dots? It'll just turn you from looking like someone bald by nature (a loser) to bald by choice (an idiot).

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    Could be good for people with transplant scars over the strip scar

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    Default To arsgunner

    Hey arsgunner,

    Just wondering how did the removal officially turn out for you.. Just wanna know if exploring that option, if I'm dissatisfied with the tattoo won't be damaging to my head and pockets.. Basically did he laser leave any scars on ur head/ forehead?, was the laser treatment costly?, how long did it take?, and is the ink completely gone?.. Just curious brother, if shit hits da fan I want a way out

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    I d like to know if anyone done MHT here, I ve checked the gallery section at the "his hair" and this may be a good idea for scars but I do not find it any useful for the frontline.

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    Default first hand knowledge

    Hi there, my name is william,

    Ive had my head treated with mirco pigmentation......Ive attached a couple of pics for you to see.

    I love it and have never looked back, here is my before picture
    Attached Images

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    Default after treatment

    Me with a HeadStyl
    Attached Images

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    Default close up pictures

    here is my close up picture...

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