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    Warning - this is a long post - I've clearly spent way too much time thinking about this stuff - but for anyone in my shoes, there's likely some interesting stuff here.

    I'm probably an expert on this subject by now - but I'm still confused. I have been down the road of all concealers - and what the OP did in his 'test' I do every day and have for YEARS. Toppik worked very well, but then one day I decided to shave my head - and now I use one of a couple of concealers and I'm able to get it to look absolutely PERFECT without much time.

    {I even used that DermMatch ages ago (when it first came out) - and peeled off the label and realized it was just $8.00 cake makeup with a new label put on and charged at $20!!!! (It was either Kryolin or Ben-Nye or something).}

    With that said, i have a huge advantage - no significant balding, no big bald spot, no major receding hairline, etc. I have DIFFUSE thinning - which has been every bit as much a pain in my ass as the bald spots and everything else for others - so that diffuse thinning makes concealers very useful (and I think there are quite a few people out there like me who see these tattoo things as a POTENTIAL Godsend.)

    Now, I'm still doing the concealer thing and I've found that one eyeliner in particular (I think that's what it is) and, believe it or not, QVC's Joan Rivers fake hair stuff actually works the best. It's the same kind of concept as an eyeliner.

    Back to the tattoos - so I was reading another thread in this forum (it seems like every couple months I do another Google search for "scalp tattoo" or something similar to see any new developments) - and I came across the post where the Artistry guy in FL is arguing with a guy here. Now the art guy's photos on his site look great - BUT the guy in this forum had a good point - the dots on the poster's hairline looked huge, blue, and awful. So after being THIS CLOSE to taking the plunge, I'm confused again - especially since the art guy seems so damn smug.

    I will tell you, though, that for diffuse thinning -this concept seems sound. I'm in my early 40's and while my hair seems overall MORE diffuse than it was, I don't have any noteable BALDING... so I'm FAIRLY okay with the idea of not worrying too much about the future - since I do have a lot of hair comparatively speaking. The other thing is that the concealing method I use (and right now my hair is shaved to 1/16") works INCREDIBLY well (with some tricks I've learned). It's just basically working on this principle- the less contrast I can get between my hair and my scalp, the more hair it looks like I have. As such, the more tan I am, the better it looks (another issue with the tattoo).

    The thing is, though, that the way the concealer goes on is more like a solid - almost as though my head got super tan and that changes the contrast level - the end result is great - but would tons of little dots do it? Especially if I wanted my hair at, say, 1/8" instead of 1/16"??? Add in the potential problem with fading, etc. - and even though I was super close to taking the plunge - I'm still worried, confused, etc. It certainly doesn't help that it seems like the FL guy doesn't like open debate and was apparently banned from here.

    One thing I did find that is super intriguing was at this blog: - there are a couple posts where someone asks about this subject and the author, Dr. Rassman, says he doesn't think these tattoos are a good idea, HOWEVER, HE DOES HAVE ONE PATIENT who apparently did his OWN scalp tatoo with some kind of non-permanent, redo it every few weeks strategy (e.g. henna) - and the doctor says it actually looks great. I'm very, very interested in this and have asked him to provide more details - but he hasn't. My impression is that that guy is either very artistic or is actually a tattoo artist, and he does it on himself, and it supposedly works well. And the huge thing that's the biggest bonus is the idea of something NON PERMANENT that you re-do every few weeks or months. The thing is, in the past, I researched henna until the cows came home and couldn't find anything that would keep from looking too red - and further, just never found it as a viable option.

    To not have to put this shit on my scalp each day, though, would be great. It's actually not that bad since I shaved my head - and it doesn't come off i with sweat. The only downside is that my pillowcases are always covered in brown shit (gross).

    So to continue my quest - I have even ordered transparent anti-shine makeup - thinking that (1) the concealer, followed by (2) the anti-shine/glare makeup will be a great solution. I further wonder if the tatto itself impacts the shine/glare. On the one hand you would think NO, but on the other, maybe it works on the same principle as the black crap football players put under their eyes to keep the glare away?

    The other thing I've found about the tattoos - is that to a 'T' the hairlines look ridiculous. Rather than hairlines, they look more like helmets - so I wouldn't let anyone touch mine, and luckily, I wouldn't need to. I think the chief problem is that these tattoo people put these unnatural, solid lines for hairlines - when it should not be solid, but instead, somewhat uneven. What's more, I think even different shades of color should be used to simulate natural velous (sp) hairs.

    Hopefully someone else can provide insight into that self-tattooer...that would be great. But may main takeaway is that I'm still unsure and unconvinced - but DO BELIEVE this is a perfectly viable and potentially good solution for people in my shoes - and even for people who've lost tons of hair but are willing to shave to near nothing or nothing - it can still look pretty good (as long as that fade and green issue isn't too bad). IMPORTANTLY, this sense could be all wrong sense I haven't seen anyone in person - but it SEEMS (based on a number of pictures) - that if you keep them away from your hairline - this can actually look pretty damn good. And frankly, in the close-ups - I have to assume that if someone put my makeup-covered head under a microscope, they might notice somethings too! :-) That's the big paradox - part of me things "it could work" and part of me thinks "it will fail miserably!"

    And regarding the fading and the blue color, unfortunately, I don't know anything about tattoos and all the tattoo experts chiming in seem to be contradicting each other. I do know that recently a special tattoo came out that is NON PERMANENT and readily removed with lasers. Some may say that's been out for years, but this is apparently a big deal. Upon further research it appears that it has a special property that makes itmuch, much easier to remove with lasers than regular tatoo ink. for a while, It thught that could be my salvation. But alas, no!

    Still confused.

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    @drat- how about you post some pictures?

    would love to see about the concealer, i have my hair buzzed but i want to cover some bald spots..

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    i think the more hair you have,the better! obviously! duh! hah

    but i also want to do this,as soon as i get my shit lasered off,i think i will take the plunge,i mean worse case scenario if it looks like crap,i can laser it off like im doing now or i can wear a hat ,but i think AC does a fantastic job

    and i can wear a hat because im self employed,but still who wants to wear a hat all day everyday

    i dont see how people say it looks fake,alot of pictures ive seen look pretty freakin good,i think the less white you are,the better to be honest! those are the ones that look best in my opinion

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    Just a thought. What happens when the hair on the sides of your hair go grey and you still have black dots on the top of your head? That's presuming the ink hasn't gone blue by then of course.

    Always fancied the shaved skunk look have you?

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    Itís a really bad idea to have this done for many reasons including the one you mentioned!

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    hey can anybody tell how to view some pics.. keep clicking on profile of those wHo claim they posted pics and don't see any icons for photos or albums.. been considering this for quite some time and wld love to see some results

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    maybe its just me but i feel liquidish's pic on the testimonials portion of the AC website looks terrible.. but i also feel as though liquidish did this long b4 Mark of AC developed the ACHM2 method he now uses and with that said, can't use that completely against Mark.. i do feel if done right it is a great solution for us balding men, considering u wouldn't mind having your head shaved at all times.. I'm hoping someone can provide me with good feedback, if you've done it or knows someone who has - feel free to let us know

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    Default considering micropigmentation

    hey all have been researching micropigmentation like crazy, have spoken to a few specialists in the uk ************* and headstyl, also spoke to leading micropigmentation specialists at harley street who dont know too much bout the clinics i mentioned. however spoke to a client who has had the procedure done on his crown area. he mentioned that nerves run up and down ure scalp and somtimes the needle would hit them and make him sneeze. that got thinking that maybe this treatment could cause paralysis of the face or somthing. once again just thinking out loudly. im far from a doc but really interested in the whole micropigmentation thing. really wanna do it but making sure iresearch it like crazy b4. another few things i found out is one should always get a alergy test to see how his skin reacts to it which comes in the form of apatch and should be worn 4 48 hours, lastly found out although the ink is very pure and natural enough to drink it contains iron oxide which can possibly cause problems in mri procedures. really wanna do it but apprehensive at this moment

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    kobra- i think ur gettin to deep wit it, a tattoo is a tattoo, millions of people have'm... granted the pigments being used maybe a bit diffirent but at the end of the day its relatively a tat.. i know we're all skeptical and we should be but i think this will help in many ways for those who choose to do it. reason being, its not as costly as an ht which i personally wld never consider doing, no offense to those who consider doing or have done them just I wouldn't stoop to that, not for me.. there are no scars, results are natural looking if done with a professional, i feel that it gives your face and forehead more of a squared look than that of an oval shaped Batman figure look and that'll help extremely with confidence wether its at a job interviewor in the general public: clubs, bars, parks, gym, family gatherings, etc.. u know

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    Micropigmentation should be looked at as an option depending on the amount of area you want to cover. You need to find a technician like Athena Karsant who has offices in SF Francisco and Beverly Hills. A majority of her business comes from doctors who respect her technical and artistic work. She does fabulous paramedical tattoo and works with her clients over a year contract to develop the look her clients are striving for.

    Anyone that claims they can do your tattoo in one visit with a follow-up the following day is WRONG! Follow up visits need to occur 3-6 weeks after a procedure to allow any swelling to subside, and to allow for healing time to understand how a particular person reacts to the pigment. (Absorption and color matching will vary depending on body chemistry, etc...) Anyone promising a quick fix is wrong. It's semi-permanent and will require touchups from time to time over the years.

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