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    Some women don't care if the guy is bald so it's not actually an issue especially today. But of course if you are like much older than the girl you want to date then that could be an issue for her. I don't mean anything but that's the reality.

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    Women like men who are attractive. Most men are much more attractive with hair. Some look ok without it and some look just as good without it. If I suited being bald I would have shaved my head long ago. I'd love it. All this shit would be over. No more seeing it disappear. Just saying **** it this is who I am. I look terrible bald. Your hair disappearing is like removing an object from a painting. It completely changes the composition. I had big head big features big hair. Everything kinda worked together. And I was good looking. Take my hair away. I'm probably average looking. But it's not even about being good looking for me. It's just having a harshness to my appearance.

    But what someone said about those looks from women is soooo true. And saying you read too much into doesn't hold up. If I looked at a girl. She looked back. When I started losing my hair at 18, THE VERY FIRST thing that I noticed, before the depression, before I even felt any different about myself, was that those looks didn't get returned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sootellme View Post

    the reason why bald guys think they'll lose out with women is because most of them lose all their confidence along with their hair...... its not the hair.. it never was the hair..
    what kind of hose shit is this ?

    no man in the history of man kind became more attractive by going bald, ever.
    some lucky guys with nice head shape can remain somewhat attractive.
    but for the 95% of us who weren't blessed with the perfect scull shape its a free fall in the attractiveness scale.

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