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    Finasteride definitely work I'm so happy this is 6 week in an so much improvement may it continue
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phatalis View Post
    I figured maybe it'd be a cool thing for everyone on here using Finasteride (Propecia/Proscar) to give their experiences in one thread so anyone considering doing it can check it out.

    It'd be easier to write a small quick summary good or bad instead of going into depth... but it's your call if you have more time to put something more detailed in. Even if you already posted in here about it. Having all the stories based in one area for reference would be nice. Also it's a nice thing in that this forum is one of (to me, the only) real honest place when it comes to information of Hair Treatment/Balding.

    I just recently started taking it and I see threads on it all over that are all mixed results. One thread will have 5 people with bad results. Another with 2 people with amazing results... it'd be nice to get it all together and sort of tally it up.

    I plan on continuing it (though like every guy I'm a little paranoid) but I intend on putting my results in here as well.

    Anyhow, have at you!
    34 years old. Had great results for 9 years while taking Propecia. Kept me at a NW 1 to 1.5 before losing its effectiveness. Strange because my hair loss pattern was not that aggressive compared to some. I was a NW0 at 25 with a thick full head (thinning crown) when I started.

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    Same boat. Have you changed anything to combat the loss of propecia effectiveness?

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