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    Finasteride has helped me keep my hair, but not regrow it.

    Progesterone did much more in terms of regrowth, and actually less hair falling out. Although it's not
    a high number of terminal hairs, I've regained between twenty and thirty terminal hairs on my temple

    Keep in mind I'm in my forties. So for me, that's an accomplishment.

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    Wow, great thread. I just joined a few days ago and here is my brief story with Fin. Will have a thorough read of the thread later on, it's a lot!

    About a few months ago I went to South America for business and I brought Proscar (prescribed in Canada) with me. I cut the 5mg pill into four 1.25 pieces and took one every day for about a week and a half. Honestly, at first, maybe 3 days in, I noticed that my erections were not as hard and my sex drive was hurting. I chalked it up to my body getting used to it. But then around the 10 day mark or so I experienced serious testicular shrinkage. It was not in my head at all, it was like "wtf is happening down there?" when showering or just actually feeling them. I estimated my regular size was about halved during that. I immediately stopped for obvious reasons and within about 5-7 days my drive skyrocketed over the course of a 48-72 hour span but then went back to normal. I also noticed a lot of shedding in that week or so after.

    Honestly, it scared the heck out of me and I would REALLY like to know if I made the pieces smaller and take it only 2-3's a week do you think the side effects won't occur? I have also started to lift weights and know that MPB is very susceptible to increased testosterone so would like to have a solution sooner than later.

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    it would be more helpful if ppl reported their male relatives hair loss patterns

    for example, if most ppl in ur fam lost ther hair in their late 50s, then telling us you began fin@ age 24 and had good results until age 34, is a little suspect. whatever success you THINK youre having is obfuscated by your lack of telling us your family history

    you might just be progressing slowly due to your family history

    these threads are mostly filled with new fin users too, telling us how they saw results after 3 months (bs)

    ive been on fin for 15 months. my dad lost his hair slowly and is almost bald at 63. he had a full head of hair throughout his 30s, 40s, and somewhat in his 50s. it was in his 50s that it got bad fast.

    hes also a doctor with a very stressful work schedule and has diabetes.

    his older brother has receding hairline but is not bald at all.

    my grandfather had a full head of hair but thinning and recession when he passed at 82.

    fin is def worth a shot, but i dont think its going to work for me. i have a full head of hair at 32.5 yrs of age. but i have receding temporal points and corners like my dad did. im mostly likely going to be bald by 60+ with lots of recession slowly happening from now til then.

    so any success i have with fin will only be able to be seen in the long term (i.e., i dont go bald by 60 but rather late 60s maybe).

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    31 year old. Realized I was balding at age 28. Possible minor balding prior to that (at around 24), but it wasn't cosmetically significant or noticible. I would say I'm currently a Norwood 3 with some general thinning through the center of my scalp.

    There is extremely aggressive hair loss in my family. Nearly every male (that I know of) on both my mother and father's side developed into a full blown cueball Norwood 7 by the time they were 21. This includes my brother, father and first cousins excluding one who seems to have a pattern similar to mine. He's in his early 40's now and around a NW5.

    I began taking .5 mg of Propecia 7 months ago. I've been growing my hair out so it's difficult to see if there's a difference, but I THINK I'm seeing some regrowth. When I pull my hair back there are thick strands in the front which are about half length of the hair that's further back. This makes me think those hairs are new ones that have started to grow back. Also, in spots further along the front of the hairline where I'm "bald", I see a significant number of light vellus hairs. I do not know if those will ever develop into terminal hairs.

    As for side effects, I've had some but they're not earth shattering. My libido quite a bit lower and it takes me longer to get an erection. I am able to "finish the deed", however. Another side is some discomfort in my right testicle. It feels like pressure is being put on the area. It comes up much less frequently now than it did when I first started on the medication.

    Overall, I feel like things are going in a positive direction but it's still hard to tell. I am going to continue taking Propecia as long as I do not develop more significant side effects and as long as I am not losing hair while on it.

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    Thumbs down

    Hi. Iíve been on finasteride for 15-18 years. I lost track. Stared if after 3 HTís that I regret. (HT biggest regrets I have in my life).
    Anyway back to finasteride. I think I was denial on the side effects. I was so afraid to stop taking it, I ignored if. Now Iím realizing a lot of the things Iíve been living with are related. No morning wood, tinnitus, body hair diminished on arms and bottom of legs, some dizziness, just developed Peyronieís, bad sleep, erecrions not as strong.
    Iíve been functional and donít think itís affected my sec life until the Peyronieís, but itís noticeable.
    Staying on topic, even with side effects Iím terrified to stop the stuff because of my fut scar.
    As for results, I think itís worked overall for the intended purpose.
    But now I want to get off the shit and wish there was a way.
    Has anyone used topical finasteride with luck or has more in info on it? I heard itís less side effect risk.
    Like many of you, I wish I could go back in time and prevent myself from getting an HT in the first place and just accept life as it is. Iíve spent so much precious time and money trying to look ďcoolĒ and itís cost me a lot more than i was prepared.
    So bottom line to stay on topic, for me itís seemed to work for hair purposes but unless you need it, Iíd avoid the shot. It just screws up your hormones and thereís no super long studies. We are the test subjects.

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    My hair started to thin at 25 or 26. It was actually on my 27th birthday that my concerns were confirmed. I was getting a haircut and trying to do a certain style and my barber told me he was hesitant to do it because i was thining. Let's just say that stayed on my mind my entire birthday. At 27 is when i also got my hair checked for the first time by Dr. Bernardino Arocha in Houston who is a hair transplant specialist and he also cosigned that my hairline had receded, and then showed me where it should be and where he could restore it. He recommended me getting on the big "3" before starting treatment. I never reached out to him again. From 2016 to now i would read up on propecia and weigh the pros and cons to using the drug, contemplate life without hair, my current and future dating experiences(they've been bad even with hair) and decided last wednesday to get on propecia. The 1st six days i had side effects in the form of chest pain, or a feeling of heart burn in my sternum. After taking a ibuprofen my pain went away and i've been fine. In terms of sexual side effects, it hard to comment on that because i already have PIED(Porn induced erectile dysfunction)so any effect propecia has or will have on my libdio will be negligible at best. It's my hope that i will recover completely from my sexual dysfunctions in the future. I still get erections but they are very weak and a far cry from my early 20's.

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    I m a 18 yr person,with mphl ,i started taking finasteride 1 mg,and since then it is 4 months now ,i am unable to tell whether propecia is working or not first pictures are of just starting with pill and others are in order of 4 months consecutively,please tell your opinion.the link gives my pics ,in order i have described them

    1. Trying to cover before

    2.After taking finasteride,half a month had passed in normal daylight

    3.A week before just after drying after shampooing,

    4.Today after oiling my head in bright light hair when wet

    Please tell me,as a teenager it is horrifying to get bald,should i wait more to see results or is it working for me?

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    What makes you regret the hair transplants? Did you not get the results you were expecting or do you just not like the propecia sides?

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