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    Notcoolanymore when you started Fin, did you start straight in @ 1mg daily, no tapering?

    And yeah post retirement his hair looks even better dude lol.

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    Yeah, I went on the full 1mg from the start. I was in panic mode. I don't think it's a bad idea to taper though. Especially if you are hesitant because of the possibility of sides.

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    I'm feeling a panic mode setting in myself, getting to a crossroads..

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    I have to address a point Jotronic made as it is a critical message to pay attention to………”my friends make fun of me because I am always checking into the gym”

    Yes this happens all the time as the herd wants you to be like they are otherwise you become a threat to what they do and they start questioning themselves and feeling guilty. Much easier to make you feel guilty or bring you down a peg a two so just stare at your cell phone all day, eat and drink crap, and watch as much TV as possible so that they can feel good about themselves, oh and lets go watch some sports instead of actually getting into the arena ourselves. Let's live vicariously through another person.

    I like Les Brown’s quote “get the losers out of your life” very hard to do and sometimes just less exposure is the best one can hope for. It’s like the story of a barrel of crabs. If one crab makes any progress towards getting out of the barrel there is always one that will bring it back down and so no crab can ever escape.

    In my juicing days going back almost 25 years ago I used to have trays of wheatgrass delivered to the night club I worked at out of convenience. The customers always had quite a laugh but it never deterred me. I worked in that type of environment for a very, very long time but never became like those around me. Kind of like the ht industry in a way. So much crap and deceit yet there are those very few that still rise above it and keep doing the right thing regardless of what those around them are doing even if it means making less money and that I can respect.

    I’m amazed at the number of people that I have known that are dead or in a completely diseased state. All the money in the world cannot save them.

    A story on being lazy as told by Jim Rohn

    John has a gold mine and it is overflowing. There is so much gold that John does not need anymore. He has become wealthy beyond his dreams.
    In an effort to establish good karma and payback, he calls one of his closest friends

    "Frank, I have this gold mine and it has more gold than I can ever use. Why don't you come down here and dig out as much as you want?"
    "Jeez John," he moans, "I don't own a shovel."
    "Well, go get you one, "implores John.
    "Hey John," snaps Frank indignantly, "Do you have any idea how much shovels cost in this economy?"

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