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    You guys are angry about generalizations and stereotypes made about bald guys and so you make generalizations and stereotypes about women... Every girl is different and likes different things and even in the same person those things change drastically as they age. All women are different just like all men are different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fred970 View Post
    Physical exercise to be more confident? I don't see the correlation. Just don't get fat and work on your personality. Way more productive in my opinion.
    After/during a workout your body releases endomorphins which give you that blissful feeling at the end of the day.
    Personally I've always been skinny (never weighed anything more than 68 kilos) and I know I will never become huge with massive arms and a perfect six-pack. But since I started working out 3 times a week, I do feel stronger, I'm breathing better (which helps my anxiety) and I have better muscle definition.

    I agree that unlike what some magazines try to tell you, everyone going to the gym can or is going to look like Vin Diesel or Jason Statham. But I do think there's definitely more to it than 'getting huge' or 'not becoming fat'.

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    Getting into weightlifting doesn't compensate for being bald that's not the point. But its a positive hobby and it's rewarding you can see your progress on your lifting numbers and that's addictive and healthy. Great to escape depression and constant MPB thoughts.

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    Have you considered any of the following options:

    * micropigmentation = www.skalp.com
    * dermmatch = www.dermmatch.com
    * prothik = www.prothik.com

    I have no personal interest. Just throwing it out there as a thought.

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    INKredible Scalp is the 1st and only Scalp Micropigmentation NYC clinic in the tristate area to offer both permanent and semi-permanent work for its clients. Our philosophy is such that we believe in people and results. With the latest equipment, top pigments, and practitioners who not only love what they do, but also now first-hand how people are feeling before walking through the doors, INKredible Scalp aims to change the way people feel about hair loss. As an organization, we strive for authenticity. If we do not whole-heartedly believe SMP is the best option for someone, we tell them and explain the reasoning behind it. We don’t strive for sales; we strive to change people’s lives https://www.inkrediblescalp.com

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