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    Default How I'm managing to get on 1mg daily of Finasteride/Propecia, without side effects.

    Hey everybody,

    Just wanted to check in and see what was going on , but also figured I should post update as I feel it could help benefit quite a few people, and wish I had known this from day 1. Apologies if some of this isn't worded too well, I'm tired as hell and feel a bit under the weather today.

    I first started taking Finpecia (generic propecia brand) in October 2011, And within days I was getting the dreaded side effects, so I stopped taking it a few weeks later. Within an few weeks, my sexual function had returned to normal and I just stuck to using Rogaine foam for a while.

    Over the course of the next 6 months or so, I experimented with different dosages, but still kept the mindset that "I'm just not suited for this drug" because of the sides, but after more research, and the realisation that "A tiny bit of finasteride is better than no finasteride at all", I started taking the drug again, and have since not stopped. This was early August 2012, so basically a year ago.

    I stated my dosage off at something like 1/3 of a 1mg pill, every 3 days, and with this, I was experiencing side effects, but, they were a lot less troublesome and worrying for me, and having been in somewhat of a sexual relationship at the time, it was the perfect test to see just how much it would affect me, if at all. I definitely found that, in a 'bedroom situation', there really was no problem.

    As time went on, understandably, I wanted to increase my dosage, just to see if the side effects would worsen. I wanted to find the highest possible dosage I could get on to, before it became too much to deal with. I experimented with 1/2 mg every 3 days for a while, and with this the side effects did seem amplified, so I would switch back and forth every few days and take 1/3 mg if I felt I needed less of the drug in my system.

    Over the course of many months, i'd grown used to the regime, and it didn't bother me as much - I wasn't worrying about the what ifs, I'd just grown to accept that this was probably doing some good for me, and I could still have sex, so why complain? I also have been somewhat depressed over the last few years, and I really believe that this, paired with the anxiety of propecia has made it harder to become aroused, and to accept that I probably won't be as sexually promiscuous as the 16 year old version of myself who didn't have a care in the world.

    More months passed, and I had just started watching Spencer Kobren's 'The Bald Truth' show, as well as reading his book. This really helped me, as it made me realise that even if I was part of the small percentage getting side effects; I was very much aware of them before ever taking the drug, and was no doubt expecting them to occur. Research of Propecia scares a LOT of people off ever looking at the drug again, but I'm part of the mindset that would take it, and tolerate some side effects, rather than suffering with hairloss.

    By very gradually (I'm talking months at a time, and without any planning other than 'When it feels safe to do so') increasing my dosage, I am now at 1/2 a mg every day. Yes, I am still getting some side effects (mainly reduced ejaculate, not a lot else going wrong now) but I'm sure that with time this will become less of an issue, and within another year I should be on 1mg daily.

    My advice to anybody who feels they can't take Propecia, is to just start off on a really small dosage. DON'T have a plan, of a few weeks/months to get upto 1mg, this can cause you more harm than good, and it isn't a race. if it takes you two years to get to 1mg, that's better than never at all, right? I'm not a doctor, and I don't take 'bro-science' too seriously myself, but surely a bit of Proecia every 3 or so days is better than nothing at all, considering it can stay in your system for up to a week, or so. I'd also recommend people spend less time on forums, because it can be a breeding ground for unintentional negativity, the negativity that will probably make a worrying users side effects much worse. The best advice I ever got was from Spex, and Spencer Kobren's show. Go read his book, go watch his show, and I'm sure that you can change your underlying worries about taking this drug.


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    Something like that happened to me. I started taking the pill and had to quit after 6 months because I had no sexual desire at all and other sexual sides.

    My hair loss has been very aggressive since it started almost 3 years ago. The sides lasted very long, like for more than year but finally they went away. Was then that I read Spex approach to the pill and decided to give it a try.

    Now I'm 5 months again taking my 1mg a day. There was a time when I had a few sides but they lasted just for few days. Sadly my hair is not like it was 1 year ago but at least with the pill I hope I can slow the process.

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    I've been on it for 15 years and it was the best decision that I ever made for myself. It's because of Spencer Kobren that I believe I have the life that I have today.

    I was at a BBQ last week and was talking to my wife's sister's new boyfriend for the first time. Apparently my wife told here sister that I took Propecia so this guy wanted to talk about it. You know what he asked me within 5 minutes of the conversation? If I ever heard of Spencer Kobren and The Bald Truth. LOL! The dude is far reaching, it's amazing how famous he is and how many balding guys end up finding him and finding the show. I was one of those really fortunate people.
    Here's my story that I posted when I first joined this site.

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