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  • yesterdayoncemore
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    • Feb 2009
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    what the dermatologist said

    the facts first:
    I's 18, started experiencing hair loss about 4 months ago. it still is not very noticible (but i doubt this blissful situation will last much longer).

    today I saw a Hair Specialist from my country's dermatological dept:
    - blood test results indicate slightly lower than normal iron levels
    - but doc thinks its prob angiogenetic alopectia
    - which I REFUSE TO BELIEVE!!!!!! it is just impossible. NO ONE in my family (and im going back 3 generations here) suffered premature hair loss. and im only 18!
    - doc gave me iron supplements to take. man, i pray with all my heart that iron deficiency is the cause.
    - doc also gave me an anti-dandruff shampoo to take.

    - dandruff does have a link to hair loss! or the doc would not have told me to get rid of the dandruff. thus, i strongly urge all those who suspect dandruff might be causing their hair loss to try an anti dandruff shampoo and see how things go. anyway, i shall use it and report back later on. on a side note, i have never been happier to have dandruff. i mean, if dandruff is the problem, eliminate it and its goodbye hair loss. anything but genes, damnit.
    - the doc gave me a hair serum of sorts (mini-so-tol i think). its suppossedly scientifically tested and proven! though i must caution that it does not work for all people. maybe half of users. but perhaps you belong to that half! i implore you to try it! it is rather expensive but it is proven! i shall post the drug's full name here later.
    - i absolutely REFUSE to believe that my hair loss is genetic. i am not going to sucumb to a lifetime of being too afraid to comb my hair, to tie my hair into my favourite bun, to touch my head, to look intot he mirror, to shampoo my hair. god, i am FEARFUL of bathing because shampooing terrifies me. and has anyone realised how hair drops a lot when washing?
    - i understand that i may be in the stage of denial, like how cancer patients refuse to accept their condition afer diagnosis.
    - i would like to ask if anyone out there has tried shaving their heads and using a wig. i am seriously considering that possibility and would like to hear the pros and cons of doing that.
  • Speegs
    • Mar 2009
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    Hi friend, dandruff doesn't have anything to do with hair loss but scaling can.
    You might have a form of scalp psoriasis which causes inflamation and skin scaling which form scabs and flakes of scalp that can miniaturize hairs or cause them to fall out with shedding scalp scales.

    The doctor can prescribe a good shampoo to get it in check, typically this scalp disorder affects someone's hair count only when they are already susceptible to MPB, in other words your hair was falling out already it just shed at an accelerated pace with the scaling.

    Propecia and an anti-scaling shampoo can greatly reduce your miniaturization in a matter of months, the shampoo can work in a week.

    At your young age you need to keep an eye on it and consider finasteride (generic propecia) and a scalp remedy shampoo as well as a possible DHT cleansing shampoo like Nioxin.

    If you want to try a shaved head it is a personal prerogative and case by case about whether or not you are comfortable with the look and if God gave you a good looking head.

    Other then that you are wait and see because you are way too young to consider a hair transplant, that needs to hold off to at least 25 in my opinion, granted i am not a physician but i am well researched and empathetic to you.