tired of the thin hair

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  • karla
    Junior Member
    • Oct 2009
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    tired of the thin hair

    I have had thin/thinning hair for as long as I can remember. Everyone comments that I have no hair. For the last few weeks my spouse has made comments about the hair loss. Some think that my thinning hair is from my having gastric bypass surgery 5 yrs ago, and yes my hair did get thinner with that, but I have always been very thin. My hair seems brittle and dry yet oily.
    I catch all the hair loss jokes around and until now I have not let it bother me. But lately my hair loss has worsened. HELP!
  • Limmer HTC
    Doctor Representative
    • Jul 2009
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    You are NOT alone.

    Over the years the number of women seeking hair transplantation has steadily grown and in our practice it now accounts for upward of nearly twenty percent of our surgeries. In the past a vast majority of women sought transplantation to cover scars and to replace hair following facial plastic surgery.
    Today it is done to address androgenetic alopecia in women who realize they have options, such as transplantation, that for so long has been viewed more as a procedure for men and much of the information available is primarily related to male pattern androgenetic alopecia.
    Karla, if you are able to post some photos, that would be most helpful.
    Tracy Mills
    HT Coordinator
    Limmer HTC