3 Main Handtied Techniques For Full PU Skin Hair System Base

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  • Alex L
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    • Oct 2023
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    3 Main Handtied Techniques For Full PU Skin Hair System Base

    As we all know, men's hair loss and baldness are becoming more and more serious in recent years! To find a good hair replacement system is very important to male who want to rebuild their confidence!

    Skin hair system is the most natural in all kinds of hair prosthesis. There are 3 main techniques for Skin Toupee including V-loop, Injection and Single knot.

    Now I will help you to know the differences of V-looped hair, Injected hair and Single knotted.

    skin hair system techniques of v-loop hair, injected hair and single knotted hair
    1. V-loop

    Namely, V-loop skin hair is looped into a skin base like a V shape. It is not tied but looped into the base so there are no knots on the skin cap. V-looped hair is very popular in the world because the PU(polyurethane) is very thin(which can be made to 0.02-0.03mm) and it can be divided in different directions that's why V-loop hairpiece offers the best natural looking hairline, the hair looks like grows from your own scalp. Due to the V-loop skin base is super-thin, it's more easily to get shed than the others.

    2. Injection

    For Injection hair technique, the hair is hand-inserted to the base from different angles and there are no knots on the base too which means it looks very natural for all the hair to tend to fall in different directions. After that, workers will shave the hair roots to make sure the roots are in same length and then brush a super-thin layer of poly on the roots and let it dry, finally flat iron the roots to make sure the hair is coverd behind the poly stably. The best skin thickness for injected hair is 0.04-0.06mm.(The thinner the PU is, the more natural hairline you will get, but super-thin skin will cause hair to fall out faster) You can ask for a thicker PU which will makes the toupee durable and the hair less easily to get shed.

    3. Single Knot

    Single knot is the only toupee base technique that have knots on the base, hairpieces workers will hand-tied the single strand of hair on hooks of Swiss lace or French lace with a stable tie one by one patiently and then brush a very thin layer of poly on the lace. Not like the other two methods, knotted hair toupee is the most stable hairpiece and less likely to shed, the knots are smaller than double knots and can be bleached to creat a very natural-looking hairline.The recommend PU thickness are from 0.04-0.12mm.

    All in all, the base material plays an important role in determining the lifespan of the skin hair systems. Different bases have different durability. If you want the hair systems to last longer, you may have to abandon the natural nature of the system. In other words, the more natural the hair replacement system looks like, the less durable it will be. If you're looking for long-lasting hairpieces, select single knots, if you want the most natural looking toupee, try V-loop or Injected hair toupee.