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  • paulnelson
    • Jun 2022
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    Roof Repair


    Looking for a bit of advice, please. The roof was repaired recently due to a leak. I have a terraced house where part of my roof is attached to the gable wall of the next-door property and company Roofing Fairfax Va. The lead between the edge of my tiles and the next-door wall was replaced and the wall re-harled.

    My question is leak seems to have been repaired but should there be "pointing" under the tiles and onto the new lead? Not sure if it was pointed before the repair but it isn't now and there is a major draft now getting into the loft.

    Should this have been done as part of the repair?

    Many thanks,

    Any advice/opinions much appreciated.
  • felixten
    Senior Member
    • Jun 2022
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    It's always a good idea to keep your roof in good repair. Not only will it protect your home from the elements, garage door installation orange county but it will also save you money on energy costs. There are a few things you can do to keep your roof in good condition. First, make sure that you clean your gutters and downspouts regularly. This will help to prevent water from building up on your roof and causing damage. Second, have your roof inspected regularly by a professional. This will help to identify any potential problems so that they can be fixed before they cause serious damage.


    • Jacob567
      • Aug 2022
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      I understand, I recently did the repair myself. It is very difficult the choice materials for repair. It's good that I had a friend who understands this. He suggested me this site where I found a wide selection of wallpaper adhesives. This helped me a lot. I advise you too!


      • laopanaoma6
        • Jun 2023
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        This will lessen the likelihood that water may accumulate on your roof and harm it.


        • KathreenaDupree
          Junior Member
          • May 2023
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          • wohlfarth
            Junior Member
            • Oct 2023
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