The Cost Difference: Vaping VS Smoking Cigarettes

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  • Shruti1604
    Junior Member
    • Sep 2022
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    The Cost Difference: Vaping VS Smoking Cigarettes

    Vaping vs Smoking Cigarettes is a topic concerned throughout the world. There is one common subject is “How much does Vaping cost”.

    The huge cost of smoking is a massive turnoff for many people. Smokers spend ample amounts of money every year to support their habits.

    If you are taking a step toward vaping from smoking, you probably want to know if vaping is cheaper than smoking.

    The fast and simple answer is that vaping can save you an estimated 92% if you smoke a pack per day.

  • NuvNatil
    Junior Member
    • Apr 2023
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    As a former smoker, I know firsthand how expensive that habit can be. I used to spend a fortune on cigarettes, and it always left me feeling guilty for wasting my money. So when I heard about vaping being a potential alternative, I was definitely intrigued. After doing some research, I found out that vaping can actually save you a ton of money compared to smoking. If you're thinking about making the switch, I'd definitely recommend checking out I recently bought a new vaporizer from them and I've been really happy with it.


    • jeffshao
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      • Jun 2023
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      As the market continues to expand, wholesalers who embrace these opportunities and maintain a customer-centric approach will thrive in the dynamic landscape of disposable vape wholesale.


      • Zakrbee
        Junior Member
        • Aug 2023
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        Both vaping and smoking come with their challenges of addiction. One alternative that many have found helpful in their journey to quit smoking is the use of nicotine pouches, such as snus. I've been a snus user myself for years, and the diversity in flavors and strengths has been a significant plus for me. My go-to has been the SKRUF Frozen Shot Snus. If you're considering giving snus a shot, especially if you're new to it, Iceberg snus is a great starting point. You can explore a wide variety of snus options at to find one that best suits your taste and preferences. Remember, it's always essential to approach any form of nicotine consumption with awareness and to consult with a healthcare professional if needed.