The main advantages of SEPA

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  • jiop tret
    Junior Member
    • Aug 2022
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    The main advantages of SEPA

    Please tell me the main advantages of this method of transferring money. 

  • anthonydrowow
    • Aug 2022
    • 49

    I use this way of sending money very often The SEPA system allows users to make and receive payments in several ways, including direct debit, card transfers and credit transfers. The SEPA infrastructure allows business owners in any European country to make non-cash payments and cross-border transfers. If you want to know all the advantages of this way of sending money, I recommend you read this article For me the main advantages are security. Less risk of fraud: using IBANs reduces the risk of mistakes due to a typo in the account number or forgetting a letter in the IBAN and mistakes due to handwritten entries which can be illegible or misread by machines.