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  • paulnelson
    • Jun 2022
    • 103

    Looking for online psychologists/psychiatrist

    Hi! Since I canít get a schedule sa mga hospitals, do you guys have any recommendation na doctor? Preferably online kasi I canít go to the hospital since my family doesnít know about it and ayaw nilang maniwala so i want to get diagnosed & know what I really need an online psychiatrist California.

    Also if below 1k yung fee, much better since Iím a student pa and idk if i can maintain paying for my own if around 2k per session and every week😅 Thanks!
  • felixten
    Senior Member
    • Jun 2022
    • 140

    Finding an online psychiatrist in California can provide the necessary support without the need to visit a hospital. assisted living facilities Long Beach It's important to prioritize confidentiality, especially if family members are unaware. While cost is a concern, it's advisable to prioritize quality over price to ensure comprehensive mental health care.