How to attaching hair systems for men using toupee tape

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    • Nov 2022
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    How to attaching hair systems for men using toupee tape

    Toupee Tape is fast and easy to use. It provides simple connection, disassembly and cleaning. Toupee Tape has a variety of strengths, allowing you to flexibly and precisely control the hold time.

    Before starting:

    Make sure that the two surfaces to be bonded (scalp and hair system) are clean, dry and free of grease. Remove any stubble/hair from the scalp area to be glued.

    Please note that after finishing the fixation, you should avoid washing your hair for 24 hours.

    Prepare the project:

    1. Scalp protective film
    2.Toupee Tape
    3. Eyebrow pencil
    4. Hairpin

    Please follow the steps to start work:

    1. Apply a thin layer of scalp protector on the shoelaces and scalp (in the area of the straps).

    2. Peel off the protective paper from one side of the double-sided Toupee Tape and apply it around the scalp, except for the front hairline. Do not use Toupee Tape on the front of the scalp (approximately 1 inch from the front hairline and the back of the temples).

    3. Remove the remaining protective paper.

    4. Place the front of the system in place, and then roll the system back onto the scalp to ensure that the hair does not fall on the tape.

    5. Firmly press the area on the hair band to fix the hair system on the scalp and make it smooth to avoid wrinkles or folds.

    6. Use a light-colored eyebrow pencil to outline the outline of the lace by about a few points. The front 1/8 inch of the front edge of the lace.

    7. Now fix the front and back of the lace, and fix it on the top of the head with a hairpin.

    8. Place Toupee Tape along the hairline you just traced. Place Toupee Tape down onto the point, but do not cover the point.

    9. Wipe the dots on the forehead.

    10. Gently pull the front side of the lace forward onto the Toupee Tape. Use the flat edge of the comb to press the lace down.

    11. Just brush it to blend with your own hair, and you're done.

    Please note:

    1. If you do not use the system for a long time, leave a small space between the Toupee Tape on both sides and the back to prevent water and shampoo from escaping.

    2. Spray a little alcohol mist on Toupee Tape and the scalp where Toupee Tape is located. This way, you can align the system before the adhesive on Toupee Tape grips tightly

    FAQ about using Toupee Tape to attach toupee hair systems:

    Which is better to fix the hair system with Toupee Tape or adhesive?

    Both of them work very well, it really depends on the customer's choice. The things to consider are how oily your scalp is, and of course your lifestyle. Toupee Tape and adhesive are both medical grade, and the effect is very good whether the customer wants to store it for 2-4 weeks or 5-7 days.

    The tape attachment is very easy to implement, and does not take much time to get used to, usually within a week, you can become a retail stylist.

    Adhesive has a longer holding power, if your life is quite active, then this kind of adhesion will be the best. The fixation of Toupee Tape is really no different, except for the obvious, its fixation force is stronger, so the fixation of the hair system must be completed correctly, and there must be gentle care and guidance.

    Which side of Toupee Tape is which side?

    Both sides are double-sided Toupee Tape, which is sticky. The separated side is where the outer Toupee Tape is peeled off and pasted to the base of the hair system. After sticking Toupee Tape on the skin, the long side will be peeled off. Generally, this is the written rule for all Toupee Tape used with hair systems for men.

    Should there be a gap between each length of the tape?

    Yes, it is recommended for customers who have oily scalp and need extra breathing. This really helps shampoo and wash away the cream from under the base.

    If you wrap Toupee Tape around the base to improve safety, then when washing your hair, take some extra time to rinse and make sure that all the cream has been released from the hair system.

    What is a "beverage slide"?

    This is a hair term or technique for using Toupee Tape as an attachment to a fixture. When you are ready to stick the Toupee Tape, just spray a small amount of alcohol around the Toupee Tape and the hair system. The alcohol will give you a few seconds before it evaporates to place your hair system in the right place. After the alcohol evaporates, the tape will regain its viscosity and firmly hold the hair system.

    What is "roll down"?

    This term is similar to alcohol slides and is used for Toupee Tape fixation. Place the hair system with the backing paper still on the Toupee Tape. Keep the hair system so that the backing paper remains on the Toupee Tape. Fix the hair system in place and tear off one or two Toupee Tape, then roll it down. Continue from front to back.

    How long can Toupee Tape bonding last?

    This is personal preference. Our customers completely bond their hair system for 4-5 weeks. Customers who choose to use tape attachments wear their hair system every day (up to 7 days). If your skin is oily or sweaty a lot, 2-5 days is ideal. If you are cool and dry, it will take longer. Keeping the hair system clean and cleaning the scalp is very important for hygiene.

    Where is my hairline in the toupee hair?

    This is very important. Usually 3-4 fingers above the eyebrows. In the past few years, the menís toupee hair has made great progress, so that the hairline is naturally obtained. The natural hairline should start where the natural hairline starts. Do not place the front part of the hair toupee on the frown line because the brow line is too low and the hair will not grow naturally from there. Look in the mirror and feel your head. Visually, your fingers should know whether they are on your forehead or in front of your scalp. All in all, the hairline is 3-4 fingers away from your eyebrows, not the eyebrow line.