Balding in Canada. What are my options?

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  • yt3030
    Junior Member
    • Apr 2009
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    Balding in Canada. What are my options?

    So i just realized a few months ago that the hair at my crown was starting to go (a somewhat noticeable thinning spot under certain light). I'm 28, and had realized that I was receding when I was about 23 - 24. I was cool with the receding at the front, I even thought it made me look a bit distiguished. But the crown, I cannot deal with. I've been having serious anixety about it lately and even made the rash decision today to shave my head even though I still have a good amount of hair. Lets just say i'm not feeling the look and can't see myself doing it the rest of my life.

    I'm thinking about getting on Propecia, but the issue is I live in Canada and cannot find any info. Is it legal here? Can I get a prescription? If not what are my options? I know Rogaine %2 is legal. Is that it? It seems as though more people see results with propecia than rogaine and would much rather try that.

    Any help/info would be great.

  • Refuse2GoBald
    • Mar 2009
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    I feel your pain yt3030. So does every single other person on this forum. I'm not sure what part of Canada you are from. In my opinion, the best practice for hair restoration is located in Canada. I don't think I'm allowed to post links to external sites here but do a search for "Hasson and Wong". They are two of the best surgeons in the hair loss industry.

    Dr. Hasson gave has given me hair transplants and the results are amazing. He is currently providing me a prescription for Avodart and I live in the U.S. At least contact them to find out what your options are. They will probably have you send in pictures. I only had to try Avodart because Propecia did not work for me. However, Propecia does work for most men. The good part about it is that it is great at halting hair loss in particularly in the crown area and can even regrow hair.


    • mikey79
      • Jan 2009
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      Just go to your family doctor, they can prescibe it no problemo..


      • Speegs
        • Mar 2009
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        Finasteride to the rescue my friend, since you are older than 25 you may decide you want that crown filled in there are three top tier doctors on your native soil to investigate.


        • TeeJay73
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          • Oct 2008
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          I can only echo these good gentlemen --- get yourself on Propecia. It may work very well for you, and give you nice reprieve from your crown hair loss. You may even experience regrowth. In my opinion, and I am not a doctor, you should give Propecia a try for about 18-24 months, before escalating your treatment to something more aggressive, such as a hair transplant.

          Get on the Propecia bandwagon -- and good luck man~!



          • Dr. Glenn Charles
            IAHRS Recommended Hair Transplant Surgeon
            • Nov 2008
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            You are in a position where Propecia may really help you. At the very least it has a good chance to not let your situation get any worse. There are a lot of great physicians in Canada. I suggest you go to the website and locate the nearest Hair Restoration physician. Contact them and I am sure they would be more than willing to help you out. Propecia is sold in all major pharmacies throughout Canada. If I knew what part of Canada you are from I would give a suggestion on who to call. I wish you good luck in the future.
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