Entire Families Hair Thinning

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  • Billy101
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    • Nov 2022
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    Entire Families Hair Thinning

    Hi All,

    3yrs ago we (myself and two kids) went from having super thick hair, to starting to progressively thin at the exact same time as each other all over.

    I'd say 3 yrs old, we all are down to about 30% of our hair, and it's now very noticeable.

    We went to a dermatologist and had food deficiency and fungal infections tested and all came back negative.

    We know it's not the water creating this problem as we've lived in 2 different properties over this time, one with town water and the other with tank water.

    We are now at a total loss about what this could be and it's not slowing down, and already detrimental to the children's health dealing with this (14yrs & 17yrs old).

    The dermatologist suggests it may be early insight balding on the kids, but the reality is my wife and myself could literally see it happening before our eyes from when they were 11yrs and 14yrs old. He barely even looked at their hair, didn't put it under a wood lamp, or anything. They seem to just jump to what is the norm for most people, rather than really trying to solve the problem.

    I think they just feel the kids' hair was probably always thin and suggest minoxidil and things that sure may buy a little time, but will not stop the thinning due to whatever the underlying problem is.

    If you have heard of this, or read anything similar, any suggestion of what we could do would be appreciated as they are only 6months off having barely any hair at all.

    Btw, I'm 46yrs old, however I have an identical twin brother and he hasn't started thinning, and being mine started the exact same time as the Kids, I'm more than sure it's all the same problem causing this. In fact I've used Finasteride off and on for 3yrs and it doesn't slow or progress any differently when on it. It just always follows the same path of progression for all 3 of us.