Unshaven Hair Transplant- 5 months after

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  • albert1995
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    • Dec 2021
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    Unshaven Hair Transplant- 5 months after

    Albert from New York, USA here. Had my transplant in late August in Istanbul at Doctor Bircan Clinic.

    2800 grafts were implanted for to my frontal area. Wanted fill my temples and restore the thin hairs. Very pleased until now with everything. Everything was great with the all experience and most important thing was everything was clean. Main reason to chose the clinic was that the Doctor is ISHRS registered and have a great staff. My translator Emir was very helpful and still is up to this day.

    Will be posting more photos in the upcoming months.
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  • bella9525
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    • Dec 2021
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    its so cool. I see here you nailed it doc.