Where to get Propecia?

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  • asukalfree
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2008
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    Where to get Propecia?

    After consulting with Dr. Paul J. McAndrews, he told be to take propecia.
    My question to guys who are taking this, is where do you buy your supply?
    Any suggestion where i can get if for a good price.
    Thanks and Happy Holidays!
  • TeeJay73
    Senior Member
    • Oct 2008
    • 238

    Hello there,

    I also saw Doctor McAndrews, and even had my hair transplant with him. He advised Propecia for me, too, and I buy it directly from his office. It costs $203 for a 3-month supply. I understand Propecia costs anywhere from $50-70 per month, no matter where you buy it.

    As you probably know, Propecia is the brand name for the drug called finasteride. I've been listening to Spencer's radio show for some time now, and I've met people online thru his show that have opted to take generic finasteride, which is, from what I hear, substantially cheaper -- something like $20 bucks (or less) per month. If you're interested in a low cost solution, you may ask Doctor McAndrews about generic finasteride, or call Spencer's show and ask his opinion.

    Hope that helps ya!