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  • iubball22
    Junior Member
    • Aug 2009
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    Question about Spencer

    Just out of curiosity, has he had any hair loss problems? I see he has a full head of hair and was just wondering if he reversed MPB, had a transplant, or never had a problem to begin with.
  • PayDay
    Senior Member
    • Nov 2008
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    Spencer calls himself as the “harry Houdini” of the comb over. I think he got into this because of his success with treatments. He started using Proscar back in the day before anyone else and he uses a product called dermmatch, as he puts it to paint his bald spot. No disrespect Spencer, just using yuor line

    I’ve been listening to him for years and wondered the same thing when I first saw a picture of him. While he says he started to bald early he also says that his father kept a good hairline even though he went bald on top, so I’m guessing he’s got his Dad’s genes. He always talks about struggling with windy days and how he can't go on boats or on rides and jokes about his dermmatch coming off on dentist chairs and stuff. The guy is very funny when he talks about it and we can all relate.