Crazy Derm Experence!

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  • heynow1234
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    • Jan 2009
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    Crazy Derm Experence!

    Just went to a new derm and thought i should share this story, my regular derm is out of the office for a while. So heres the ridiculous thning that happened. She comes in and says right away "why are you on propecia?", I kinda laughed at the obvious question and then said "to keep my hair." She then proceeded to scream at me and tell me that propecia was pretty much poison and that she would never let anyone in her family take it. She then said that i was going to grow man boobs and have a low sperm count. No joke thats pretty much how it went down. I said well ive been on it 8 months (no clue if its working to keep my hair, but didnt tell her that) and so far i havent had any side effects. She then asked me who gave me the prescription, and I said her coworker who I usually see. She then said i should drop it and go on rogaine, i said well ive thought about rogaine but i didnt want a major shed at first, and i figured i give propecia the full year first before adding things. She then says no on has ever shed hair at the beging of rogaine and that i was crazy for thinking that, and asked where I had heard that. I said well i have a bottle of it and it says it right in the instructional pamphlet that comes with it. She then gave me a prescription for 2% nizoral and said that was all i needed! This woman is insane. What do you doctors on the board think of this?

    PS: This was all being said to me with her standing in front of a "Save The Hair Talk to your doctor about Propecia" sign.
  • Zao
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    • Dec 2008
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    That must have been frustrating, but it does make a good story. Just goes to show you how little some doctors know. I wish you had that on tape LOL