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  • Yeboah
    Junior Member
    • Aug 2009
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    Advice with starting a regimen


    I'm 27 and around 6 months ago I noticed my hair thinning, predominantly in the middle and towards the front. Typically, I dismissed it initially but it has continued to thin gradually. It's not really to a point of alarm but at certain times it is noticeable and hence I am planning to embark on a regimen.

    After much reading, the regimen I plan to begin is:

    - Propecia
    - Rogaine 5%
    - Nizoral

    Can the knowledgable out there give me some advice on my planned regimen? And any other comments about my situation would be recieved gratefully.

  • Jeffrey Epstein, MD
    IAHRS Recommended Hair Transplant Surgeon
    • Nov 2008
    • 879

    Your approach- taking proactive steps against your early male pattern hair loss- is what I recommend as well to my patients. While you would also benefit likely from a hair transplant procedure, this step should only be undertaken if you are sure you are willing to undergo the expense and commitment, and likely it should be done with the FUE technique. Propecia and minoxidil work on the majority of men, with Propecia being the better of the two, while Nizoral may have some topical anti-androgen (DHT) properties.

    Best of luck. And don't forget that certain hair styles complement thinning hair better than other styles.

    Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS
    Foundation for Hair Restoration
    Jeffrey S. Epstein, MD
    Foundation For Hair Restoration


    • TeeJay73
      Senior Member
      • Oct 2008
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      Awesome advice Doctor Epstein!

      Out of curiosity, why would you think that FUE is the likely hair transplant technique for this situation?




      • JMay83
        Junior Member
        • Apr 2009
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        Dr. Epstein,

        what are the best hair styles for thinning hair?


        • Yeboah
          Junior Member
          • Aug 2009
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          Thanks for the response, Dr. Epstein.

          I've added a couple of images of my hair as it is. The thinning has been very rapid, is reserved predominantly to the mid-scalp, and came not long after I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Do you think the two could be related? And will the regimen I listed initially be suitable for the current status of my hair?

          Thanks again.