Pull it together man! (Intended for those young people without "options")

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  • smileyface19
    • May 2009
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    Pull it together man! (Intended for those young people without "options")

    I'm a 19 year old guy who has been experiencing hair loss up here in Northern Ontario for a couple of years I'd say now... I'm also going to state that when it comes to hair loss, I'm more of a woman than a man about the whole ordeal. I mean I love my hair, and I can almost guarantee that any man reading this post feels the same way or has in the past.

    Firstly, I think society makes such an issue about hair loss because people who suffer with hair loss make a huge issue about it. It has only become an "awkward" "taboo" topic because of what we have made of it. To prove this point as I'm typing the word "alopecia" I notice that the term is not even coined in my spell check which is excruciatingly funny shit! Now that's not to say that alopecia is not painful because it is, but so is obesity, depression, acne, ingrown pubic hairs, gout, bad feet, big head syndrome, sexually transmitted diseases, cross eyes, uni brow, small penis, big penis, ingrown toe nails, bad digestive system, perspiration, bad breath and gingivitis, birth marks, or freckles (which i love by the way)! I didn't list all of that to be crude or to offend, I'm just saying that because I don't have a body that has developed quite like yours, that I am at all inferior to you or to your friends.

    Also, I'm not the hugest fan of people patronizing other people and in consequence, when ever someone makes fun of something about my body I throw it right back at them (I would never start the "genetics" fight but I would consider finishing it). This one time, this guy I went to school with commented on how my hair was basically not up to par to his standards... In a calm and yet heavy voice I shouted across the room, "yeah but at least my dick isn't 3.5 inches long!" (which was the truth, I had a friend who dated him) Everyone laughed and I felt like a billion dollars while he disappeared into the evening. Point of this story is that although the night went on, he didn't, as a result of his attempted "humor".

    I will never truly be consumed by anything that I cannot control, such as my genetics, and or age or what's considered social credentials to be pretty. And any consumer that ridicules or purchases something that makes fun of anyone, for anything that has to do with their genetics should be black listed from the media. I do believe in free speech, and I do believe that everyone should be aloud to talk about things such as hair loss, but in a positive way. Nothing good EVER comes from someone who is out to hurt someone or someones way of living.

    I must also say honestly that before I experienced hair loss myself, I had never really thought about how people felt about it all that much (not that I made fun of people who dealt with it). But I hadn't experienced it yet so why would I worry about something like that?

    Have I ever dealt with depression? **** yeah, I have. But who hasn't? Has any member of your family ever died? Have you ever wrecked a pair of shoes that you loved that you may never purchase again? Have you ever wanted to go out and buy lunch and forgot your wallet on the counter? Point is, people do feel morose about negative impacts on life, and it is normal to feel depressed. I personally think that depression is transparent, meaning that anyone can see it. Which is kind of amazing when you really think about it. Even if they know nothing about you, they can smell depression from a kilometer away (I'm proud of the metric system). **** finding a cure for alopecia, how about we find a cure for suffering. Oh wait, I may have!

    People might laugh when I say this and this is not preaching, or spreading the word, or advocating you go out and do this... But as a young person, I would possibly recommend you smoking a green joint. That's all I'm going to say. Research for yourself.

    I also believe that hair loss is and has become the dark horse that it is because there is simply 100% no cure! For acne you can buy facial scrubs. Obesity you can join a gym or find a better nutritional guide... not with alopecia. And it's there in the "I have no options" that again I think that people become consumed with the idea that I am never going to be able, even if I try my hardest, to be beautiful. Not true! Honestly, who cares. No one but yourself. And as long as you're happy, than who cares about how you go on living. Just don't tramp on others!

    I also think that quite possibly someday I'm going to marry a woman with alopecia cause shes stronger than the woman with hair. Everyone who thinks that they are never going to be able to find love without something "genetic" is looking for love in all the wrong places.

    With love and Admiration,
  • 1Aristotle
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    • Jan 2011
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    Not bad :-)


    • Chief Ohio
      Junior Member
      • Oct 2012
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      As a fellow 19 year old guy dealing with hair loss, well said man!