Need Some Advice--Shampoo....24 Yr old Male..HELP!

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  • spenna316
    Junior Member
    • Apr 2009
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    Need Some Advice--Shampoo....24 Yr old Male..HELP!

    Hi all,

    24 yr old male here w.a receding hairline on the temples with the front beginning to thin pretty heavily. I am now taking Propecia, (been on it for three weeks).

    I have yet to see any real results yet, but I know I have to be patient. When I wash my hair I have been using Nioxin stage 2. I just use the shampoo and the conditioner and never really use the foam. Should I be using the foam? Is nioxin a joke?

    Is there any other shampoo that I should use instead of Nioxin?

    All of you hair guru's please help me out. Any info or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  • TeeJay73
    Senior Member
    • Oct 2008
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    Hey Spenna316,

    I believe Nioxin -- just like any other "hair loss" shampoo -- is just a hoax. When I was your age and started to lose my hair, I also tried Nioxin, for many months, and it did nothing for me. I believe that mostly everyone on this forum will agree that Nioxin does not slow down, stop, or reverse hair loss, nor does it grow or regrow hair. They make a nice shampoo, but it just doesn't fight hair loss. Neither do any of their other products, in my opinion. And again, I believe everyone would agree. I remember seeing a post on this forum once from a doctor who said that not one shampoo out there today is capable of fighting hair loss. If I could find it, I'd post it here for you. Spencer has a great rule of thumb when it comes to hair loss products -- always look for FDA approval and/or the American Hair Loss Association seal. Nioxin does not have either.

    The great news is that you are doing a very good thing in taking Propecia. My doctor told me to wait 18 to 24 months before assessing its effectiveness. So, you are early on. You have about a 90% chance of Propecia stopping, slowing down, and/or reversing your hair loss. It will help you keep what you have! So stick with it!

    Hope this helps. And oh, just to be sure, I'm not a doctor. Just a pure layman who has gotten the hang of some of this stuff.



    • mhoffma1
      • Jan 2009
      • 42

      Hey Speena,

      I agree with TeeJay 100 percent. I have a little tub under my bathroom sink filled with the remnants of shampoos I tried -- they are all bullcrap in my opinion in terms of their ability to save or grow hair. So don't waste your money -- keep your money going towards the propecia and stick with it -- give it AT LEAST a year before you try to draw conclusions.



      • spenna316
        Junior Member
        • Apr 2009
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        TJ and Michael,

        Thank you very much for your comments. I will be sure to keep everything you said in mind and I will not stop the propecia until at least a year.

        At least I know that what I am using (shampoo) is not effecting my hair loss in any way. I wont continue to spend the $ on hair shampoo if it isnt really going to do anything. When it runs out, I will do what TJ said in regards to finding something that has some sort of FDA seal. Thanks again everyone for your input . I truly appreciate this.


        • Speegs
          • Mar 2009
          • 32

          Nioxin is a nice volumizer but that's all, it doesn't prevent thinning.


          • Dr. Glenn Charles
            IAHRS Recommended Hair Transplant Surgeon
            • Nov 2008
            • 2423

            Unfortunately, most of the current options for treating baldness ( ex. Rogaine and Propecia) have really only shown significant results in the middle and crown areas. If you have a strong hair loss gene which includes the frontal region, the only permanent solution is hair transplantation. It is still important to try these other options to hopefully prevent hair loss in the middle and crown areas. As far as all the shampoos and other products you can buy in stores and online I really do not think they will cause any harm. I also know they are quite expensive and probably do not have any real benefit. For those of you who are using these shampoos and other products and feel that they are really working for you, I recommend that you keep it up.
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