A mother's sadness

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  • Natalie
    Junior Member
    • Apr 2009
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    A mother's sadness

    Dear everyone,

    I'm writing today about my 15 yr old son, he started thinning a few months ago. He knows its happening, his friends have even mentioned it to him. It seems to be happening pretty fast. My husband is bald and started losing his hair by 17. It's breaking my heart because he is so young. I would like for him to keep what he has as long as possible. We have an appointment at the derm next week. My question is is he to young to start propecia? And if it is ok will he have't to be on it for the rest of his life. Is any one his age on this board on propecia? And are there certain test that are done before hand. He will be 16 in a few months.
    Thanks for any response.
  • Ragckr
    • Apr 2009
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    Im not sure about his age and propecia, however, I do know that if he is able to start the medication and it turns out successful for him, you will have to take it for life. Or at least untill a real cure comes a long.

    I started balding when I was 17-18. Of course, it is a slow process for most people, but I made the mistake of waiting untill I was 22 to do something about it. Its good to see someone jumping in on slowing it down when they are just starting.

    Also, it is nice to see a parent attempting to understand the situation for a young man. Keep being supportive of him, thats one of the best things you can do. My mother was generally unsupportive of me doing anything about my thinning. Dont be like that haha, it won't solve of fix anything.


    • Dr James DeYarman
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      • Nov 2008
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      propecia for young man

      Before you start a man under the age of 18 on Propecia you should get him evaluated by his pediatrician and an endocrinologist. They have to determine that his growth is complete by doing x-rays of his bones to make sure the epiphyses are closed. Once you get there okay then he should be started on Propecia.
      Dr DeYarman San Diego


      • mhoffma1
        • Jan 2009
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        Hi Natalie,

        First off, you're a wonderful mom for looking to help your son out and not giving him the "get over it" advice. Your son is extremely lucky to have you!

        So, the doctor has given you the sound advice on finding our about Propecia, and that's the first step. But here's an easy step for your son to do right now: order him some Toppik -- it is a product that contains keratin fibers that bond to existing hair (even extremely fine hair) and will make any thinning areas disappear on your son - it's a pretty amazing thing. That will buy him time as the Propecia starts to work. It's completely non-toxic and is healthy for existing hair. I have been using it for about 3 years and swear by it -- I've basically used it as a stop-gap measure as Propecia was kicking in. It's incredibly easy to use and takes only a few minutes -- you basically just shake it on. May sound weird -- but it's great -- wait till you see your son's face as his thin hair gets immediately thicker!

        Now, your son may think "What if someone notices?" 98% of the time they will not. But if someone does, just tell your son to tell that person(s) that the doctor prescribed it to make his hair healthier. Period. End of story. Sure, there may be one more comeback to your son, but that will just about end it.

        Best of luck to you and keep being a great mom!