Hey everyone Im new and would like some advice

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  • Generis
    Junior Member
    • Mar 2009
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    Hey everyone Im new and would like some advice

    Hi everyone, its nice to meet you all. My dad is bald, but my grandfather on my moms side still has all his hair and I have my moms hair color so I was hoping to luck out but that does not appear to be the case. Im only 21 years old and have had some serious thinning in the temple areas. My best estimate would maybe be around a two or three on the Norwood scale. I have my hair fairly long but on the front it looks thin while the back and sides are thick and kinda "poofy" my moms stylist took a look at it and said that I actually have healthy hair but its only on the back and sides. I also have a bit of a widows peak which also makes the hair loss look more defined. Its really stressful and its to the point where Im greatly considering just shaving my head and being done with it. I started taking more vitamins to help with hair loss such as some vitaming E and Biotin and I apply minoxodil once or twice a day and use Nizoral shampoo. This has stopped my loss for the most part but other than just a tiny bit of peach fuzz I have had no regrowth. I would like to get a transplant but dont have nearly enough money right now. Im considering using something like topppik or Dermatch for time being and would like to know if anyone has had any luck with these products or anything similar. One other thing is if I use Dermatch my hair color is kind of a sandy blonde and the closest thing they have is platinum blonde would that be a close enough fit or would it just stick out? Thanks for all your help.
  • Speegs
    • Mar 2009
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    Hey friend, stick with finasteride and volumizing shampoos for now, I am no physician but I think it is best that a person wait until 25 before considering a hair transplant.

    That way you'll have a much better gauge on your hair loss progression and how you've responded to finasteride, to be honest if you got a transplant now you'll probably look silly in five years time because the thinning will occur behind your hairline and look pretty unnatural.

    better to hold off, accept a mature hairline and evaluate your options after trying finasteride until 25 in my humble opinion.

    At 25 if you still are uncomfortable with the appearance of your hair then go for it, you'll be a more mature person with different priorities and worldview and more honest and realistic outlook on your hair situation.


    • PayDay
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      • Nov 2008
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      Welcome Generis,

      Read as much as you can on this forum and ask questions. You should listen to Spencerís show http://www.thebaldtruth.com/watch-live/ and call in to ask about your circumstances. I have a feeling he would recommend against a hair transplant right now. Propecia is the best medicine to take for hair loss so you should get on it as soon as possible.

      Good luck.


      • Jkel
        • Oct 2008
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        Hi Generis, If you can post a few pictures I'm sure the members here could give you an idea if you might make a good candidate for hair transplant surgery or not.
        I think most people a agree that 21 is very young and that you should wait.


        • mhoffma1
          • Jan 2009
          • 42

          Hey Generis,

          You're at the right site my man. Nothing but good advice from these folks. I would also say get on the propecia now and stay on it and put off the transplant for at least 3 more years (depending on how effective the propecia is, you may not need a HT).

          Next, to your question about the toppik and dermamatch. I've used them both together for a few years leading up to the present ( I just had a transplant done 2 weeks ago). I plan to keep using just the toppik until the new hair grows in. Toppik in particular is pretty remarkable - it's likely that one of their colors will not match yours perfectly - so buy the two colors that are just lighter and just darker than your hair and it will work out fine. It is certainly trickier for the front of the hair than, say, a bald spot on the crown. I would start by buying two of the small sizes and give it a shot. It's likely you will use the toppik and be blown away by the change...you may then think "what if someone notices it because they touch it or are really close". It's likely that the only person who would notice would be a girlfriend putting her hands in your hair etc. And if someone does figure it out, I've got the perfect response (though I've never had to use it because Toppik worked like a charm for my bald spot) -- just tell the person that you heard that "this stuff is supposed to be really good for thickening hair" -- no one would quibble with that -- everyone wants thicker hair right?

          To sum up, propecia and toppik and give it a few years -- and keep coming to this site for questions -- the people here are incredibly helpful and supportive -- we all "get it"!