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  • mehtaman
    Junior Member
    • Aug 2011
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    First Thread

    Hey guys!

    This is my first time ever using a forum like this, but I am very eager to hear the opinions of others who have or are going through the same situation as I am. I believe I started balding when I was age 18. It was not very noticeable at that time, but I was finding a lot of hair on my pillow when I woke up for class. Then last year, my barber told me bluntly that I was losing my hair around the crown. I looked at it and noticed that I was, but it wasn't too bad, so I didn't think much of it. Now, at age 22, I'm noticing that I'm losing more and more hair around my crown area and on the top of my head. There is a very noticeable bald spot around that area and I can tell that my hair is also thinning on the top. I was even told by my barber that my hair on the top of my head is growing slower than it is on the sides. It seems like I'm losing it at a faster rate and I'm not sure what to do.

    I'm currently using Nioxin Step 1 and the Scalp Activating Treatment (although I only use it occasionally). I've heard a lot about Proopecia and Proscar, but I'm a little worried about the side effects. I would prefer to get hair transplants, but I think they're too expensive for me at the time. I want to use Minoxidil, but I hate how it leaves your hair really greasy after using it. I don't tend to use gel of any kind on my hair (if there are non-greasy versions of the product that leaves your hair dry, I would gladly use that)

    Does anyone have any ideas for what I should do? I don't think I should be losing my hair at such a young age.

    As I said before, this is my first time ever using one of these forums, so I'm not sure if my picture is attached to this thread or not.

    I appreciate any feedback! Thank you!
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  • 8868alex
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    • May 2010
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    The picture shown does indicate the start of crown loss and the sad fact is that it is very normal to begin this process in at your age. However you are still in the early stages so there are still options. Your goal should be that of maintenance and preventing further loss, having said that it is possible you may get some regrowth (which should be seen as a bonus). Nioxin is a shampoo and wil do very little on it's own I'm afraid. I would'nt expect much from the Scalp Activating Treatment either. I appreciate your concerns but if you are serious about tackling the situation then you really need to consider Propecia. Granted, there is a lot of negative hype at the moment and my advice would be to research the drug fully and make a balanced decision as it must be your own choice. For the record, I have used it as directed for nearly 3 years and had nothing but positives from it. You could also consider Rogaine Foam, but it would be wise to use one treatment on it's own to assess it's individual merit before adding to your regime. It is my opinion that using the Hairmax Lasercomb is worth considering as an adjunct therapy in regards to hair retention. This is a highly debated topic so again, do your research and make up your own mind. Before all of this though, the best advice anyone should give you is to visit an IAHRS doctor. There is no substitute for advice from a proffessional. Check the list below.

    IAHRS Hair Transplant Surgeons Ahmad, Munib, MD - Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands Alexander, Scott, MD - Phoenix, Arizona Anderson, Ken, MD, FISHRS, ABHRS - Atlanta, Georgia Ball, Edward, MD - Hampshire, England Bansal, Arika, MD, ABHRS - Delhi, India Bauman, Alan, MD - Boca Raton, Florida Behnam, Sean, MD - Los Angeles, California Bernstein, Robert,...

    I wish you the best. Like I said, it's early days so stay positive.


    • mehtaman
      Junior Member
      • Aug 2011
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      Thank you for replying! That really does make me feel better. The more I have been reading about Propecia, the more I believe the pros outweight the cons. Is Propecia and Proscar the same or is one a generic version of the other? Because I just started working and living on my own, I believe that this medication would be too expensive for me ($45 for 30 pills), so a generic version would be great. After doing some more research, I was also told by my doctor a while back about Rogaine Shampoo. I have looked everywhere for it, but all I could find was Progain, which, from what I've read, is not helpful to hair growth or loss prevention, but rather meant to make your hair look fuller. I am also going to call a transplant surgeon on Monday to make an appointment for a consultation and to ask him for his advice on what I should do. Thank you for the link!


      • mattj
        Doctor Representative
        • Oct 2009
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        Proscar and Propecia are the same drug - Finasteride. They are brand names used by Merck, the original developer of the drug. Proscar is 5mg (for treating enlarged prostate gland) and Propecia is 1mg. Money can be saved by buying the Proscar and cutting it into quarters. There are cheaper generics available with names such as Fincar and Finpecia.

        Most HT surgeons are unlikely to agree to perform surgery on you. Your age would be a factor, but I also believe that they would consider it risky even if you were ten years older. The reason I say this is because although you do have some noticeable loss at your crown, you still have a lot of hair remaining and this could be lost due to what is known as shockloss. Basically the loss of hair (especially weaker hair) as a result of the 'shock' of having grafts placed in very close proximity.

        By all means consult with HT surgeons, but I strongly suspect that you will be turned down, especially as you aren't using Finasteride.

        It's possible that Finasteride will make a significant positive change in your hair as regrowth at the crown is fairly common with it. After six to twelve months of this treatment you might not even have any need whatsoever for a hair transplant.
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        • Spex
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          • Nov 2008
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          Matt just took the wordsnout my mouth. Good post Matt!
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          I am not a doctor or medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions expressed are my own unless stated otherwise. Always consult with your own family doctor prior to embarking on any form of hair loss treatment or surgery.


          • mehtaman
            Junior Member
            • Aug 2011
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            Thanks guys!
            I actually wasn't planning on talking to the surgeon about getting transplants, but rather what he thinks my next step should be, and he could also prescribe me the medication as well. You all have been really helpful though. Thank you for the advice!