FUE - Dr.Lupanzula - 3436 Grafts - NW 6/7

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  • Rocky41
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    • Nov 2021
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    FUE - Dr.Lupanzula - 3436 Grafts - NW 6/7


    I am a 31 year old Asian Male with a norwood 6/7 classification

    I approached medikemos clinic during initial stages of pandemic. Since, a large number of grafts were required for complete coverage, the doctor planned that i get 2-3 sessions for efficient coverage of my hairline, mid scalp and crown

    So, as planned i had my first surgery on the 20th and 21st of October, 2021 at Medikemos Clinic Brussels. The doctor shifted 3436 grafts from my donor to the recipient over the two surgical days. He has dense packed the frontal part of the hairline, and since my hair texture is black and wavy, he assures that there will be good coverage on the rest of the scalp as well

    As for the transplant, now as my donor hair has started to grow there is not much visual difference pre and post surgery as the punch size used was very minimized and the extraction pattern was very aesthetically planned. As for medication i was on oral finasteride (MSD Proscar) 3mg/ week for almost 3 years and i had requested the doctor to prescribe topical finasteride as my blood glucose level has been gradually increasing as a possible side effect to oral

    Apart from the skill and dexterity of the doctor, i was very pleased with the friendliness and humbleness of himself and his technicians as well as the office staff, they kept me at at-most comfort at any point of my stay there . The cleanliness protocols of the clinic is top notch.

    The patient co-ordinator Scott has been spontaneous in executing any of my requirements as well as comprehensive about the treatment and pre and post operative measures. He was also kind enough to reschedule me 5 times over a span of 12 months due to the covid-19 travel restrictions.

    Overall i have had the best experience i could have hoped for with Medikemos clinic and looking forward to my next surgery with them.
    Highly Recommend

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  • Yanevolu
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    • Nov 2021
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    Your writing has helped me to see things in a more positive light. It's commendable.
    drift boss