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  • probs
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    • Apr 2010
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    Hi there, this is my story

    Rite so i'm a 19 year old male, who just cut his hair about 3 weeks ago, i got a '4 on top and a '2 on the sides, and the outcome well look at pics below.
    Now i have no idea wat happened but this is definetely a bit depressing, i've been losing hair for quite a few months but i didn't really take it as that big of a deal coz i couldn't see any balding patterns whatsoever, but since this last haircut, it's really become problematic.
    I usually get a haircut like this near summer time and last time it was no problems anywhere, and same could be said about my last haircut which was around 3 months ago, there was no problems anywhere as well.. I did get the doctor to check it last week, and he said 'Where is the hairloss?', i dunno if he was jokin, but it kinda ticked me off a bit, anyway i somehow persuaded him to get my blood tested and all came back fine. I've also stopped using Head and Shoulders shampoo which i mainly used to get rid of dandruff, and while it did work with the dandruff, i think it also caused my hairloss probs? I dunno if anyone else has experienced that, but i've read some stories about it here and i do think that the hairloss increased with the usage of that shampoo.
    My mum keeps telling me not to worry bout it, and that it will regrow and stuff, though she does admit the hair on the top part is quite thin and its probably the reason why my crown is more visible.
    I also split up with my gf of 3 years about 2 months ago and was really down for a few weeks, so maybe that played a part in it as well.
    Now i assume i'm going bald since my father is bald and so is my grandpa on he's side, though they started losing their hair in their late 30's, and i have read about the mother's side being the cause for MPB but my grandpa on her side went to the grave with a full head of hair so i'm not rly sure anymore.
    What do u guys think? And what should i do to regain my hair, if possible?

  • Winston
    • Mar 2009
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    First you need to make an appointment to see a hair loss specialist. Check out the list of IAHRS doctor on this forum. They will most likely suggest that you start to take Propecia, but its good to go to a specialist so that they can track your progress and check to see how fast you might be progressing. Itís also important to go so that you know for sure if you have male pattern baldness.


    • StayStrongMen
      • Feb 2010
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      Fixedby35 needs mental help. Take everything he says with a mound of salt. My dad (who is 59 yrs old) has one of the fullest heads of hair around, and he's been using head and shoulders for as long as I can remember (at least 10 to 15 years in a row)

      People look for reasons why they are losing their hair, when it seems that 98% of the time genetics are to blame.


      • Fixed by 35
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        • Mar 2010
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        Fixedby35 needs mental help. Take everything he says with a mound of salt. My dad (who is 59 yrs old) has one of the fullest heads of hair around, and he's been using head and shoulders for as long as I can remember (at least 10 to 15 years in a row)
        Interesting you should say your father has a full head of hair now, considering in my thread 'Don't Have Children' when I said:

        Don't forget, all bald role models are either meat heads (Vin Diesel) or buffoons (Vin Diesel).
        YOU responded:

        I wouldn't consider my dad a meathead, and he's the most influential person in my life.
        So is he bald or isn't he? Or does that depend on the point you want to make? It's all very well saying others need mental help, but when you don't know if your father is Adlai Stevenson or Elvis Presley, I think you're the one with a problem!

        And I don't see why, just because I am a hard headed realist, I need mental help. My negative attitude to baldness is the result of years of personal experience and research.

        I'm well aware that it's almost all genetics. It's just I also understand that it can happen prematurely in some people and I believe certain products have an accelerating affect. Products with sodium laurel sulphate being an example. My father started to bald in his mid-twenties; I started some five years early. His was slow and only really became noticeable after 15 years of thinning; me, six months. No one else in my family ever went bald until they were in their fifties.

        It is my opinion that Head & Shoulders was a prime cause of a telogen effluvium. The trouble with having a TE when you're scheduled to go bald later in life is that the baldness process seems to start early. I personally believe I had my grandfather's hair pattern (I'm balding exactly like he did, albeit some 30 years earlier in life than he did) but then a TE aggravated it to start early. This is only a theory, but I do not believe it is implausible.