HAIR LOSS HORMONE HELP!!! FIBRO thanks for welcoming me to this site

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  • dobro
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    • Feb 2010
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    HAIR LOSS HORMONE HELP!!! FIBRO thanks for welcoming me to this site

    Hey guys I can't believe the knowledge on this site! I just found it and had to sign up. I had an accident when I was 20 which resulted in me developing fibromyalgia. To most that doesn't mean a thing but it is a condition which affects every part of the body. Anyhow I wont bore you with crazy details I have a couple questions. This fibro throws off my whole hormonal complex from time to time. Meaning testosterone, tyroid and many other that can affect hair. I have really thick corse hair same as dad. Dad did not start to lose his till like 50 and here I am 34 with a slight bald spot and recede on my forehead! The thing is my hair actually goes in stages of loss sometimes bad and the scalp gets real itchy ad flakey too... Sometimes I am experiencing no loss and sometimes I have even noticed it growing back! It seems to have to due with stress and maybe my diet or maybe even my vitamin intake. Recently I had a very bad episode of it falling out and I am seeing the difference and it is really upsetting. I am not sure what course of action to take!? Sorry to be so vague. I am just getting started on here and would love any input.
    thanks a lot
  • HarryPalmer
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    • Feb 2010
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    Hi, Dobro. I wish I knew enough to help you, but I just signed up myself.

    I just wanted to ask if you play dobro.