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  • SW1969
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    • Jan 2010
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    My Introduction:

    Age 40
    Noticed hairline receding at around 28 - Didn't really have an effect on me.
    Around two years ago, while shopping for some new dress shirts at a local department store, I put on the new shirt and walked over to one of those 3 way viewing mirrors in the dressing room. The light coming down from the recessed can fixture was extremely bright, must have been a good 150W's as it gave a really really a eye opening view. As I turned around to see if the shirt fit properly from the back, a small hairless circle on the top back of my head introduced itself to me.

    I get home and I immediately start to do some googling and come across these forums, reading ever so often but never making an account. I look at my options and the cost associated with those options but never act upon my decision.

    During the summer of '09 as I'm browsing for some new razor blades, I notice a link to a generic minoxidal from Kirkland(Costco brand?) and its cheap, way cheaper than the Rogaine version. So I think what the hell, buy some and if it doesn't work then move on and look for an alternative solution.

    I placed my order in October and it took nearly four weeks for the order to arrive for reason unknown to me. I started the treatments of the 5% generic version in the morning after a shower with semi wet hair and then two hours before bed with dry hair on December 02, 2009. Reading through the pamplets that are included, it's looking like it will take a good three months before I see any noticable results but I'm commited and go for it only missing one or two applications since December 2nd.

    Here are the pics from a 1.3Mb webcam in JPEG format.
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