UK based and I have a problem....would appreciate your advice...

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  • wheresMYhairDUDE
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    • Jul 2009
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    UK based and I have a problem....would appreciate your advice...

    Hi Guys,

    I'm a 32 year old male and my father was pretty bald (6 on Norwood-Hamilton scale).

    I was aware my hair was starting to thin when I was mid-twenties as I used to have very thick hair and over time it started looking less dense but didn't see it as an issue.
    About 4-5 years ago I was aware a spot was starting to become visible on my vertex/crown but nothing too concerning as at the front nothing major seemed to be happening.
    About 2 years ago at the barbers I was aware the top of my scalp was becomming more prominent and my crown maybe more visible looking less dense but certainly not bald. I started thinking about hair rejuvenation but didn't take any real action as I was thinking to give it more time as a major 'breakthrough' must be around the corner with all the dna and stem cell research going on.

    Over recent months, I am noticing that there is consistent thinning across the top of my head and my hairline is receeding. If I stand under a powerful light, a lot of my scalp shines back.

    On the Norwood scale, I would say my hairline is a cross of 2 & 2a, the top of my head is like 4 - but there is consistent thinning across the top and my guess is if it continues I'll probably just go straight to a 6 (like daddy )

    Anyway, I realise there is an issue which I'm not willing to accept at the moment - I'm single and I do accept baldness as a fact of life (mother nature knows what shes doing, doesn't she?) but I would like another 10-15 years before I accept it in my life. I really would like to retain my hairline and the hair on the top of my head - that is for it not to deteriorate further (any improvements would be very welcome!)

    I live in the UK, in/near and I would be greatful if;

    1. Anyone can recommend a trichologist who they have had good experiences with, in the London, Hampshire/Surrey borders area?

    2. Suggest an immediate action plan until I can get professional consultation.

    3. Long term action plan or have the exciting developments in hair rejuvenation I was hoping for occured?

    4. Does anyone use the 'powders' available to make your hair look thicker? If so which would you say are the best?

    Any other advice based on your experiences would also be welcomed.

    Thanks for reading,

  • California13
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    • Dec 2009
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    Go see Dr. Bessam Farjo ASAP. He's in England, and is very good.


    • Spex
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      • Nov 2008
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      Hi Wheremyhairdude,

      First of all welcome - i too am in the UK and help a number of guys so please feel free to contact me if you wish to talk.

      The most important thing is to not rush drastically into anything - first thing you need to do is look into preventing further loss and getting your situ under control. This can be done via meds such as Propecia/Proscar, minoxidil. See info below to help:

      - Propecia ( Finesteride ), Minoxodil

      Here is the thing you need to make sure you understand when it comes to MPB:

      The main known factor that causes hairloss is DHT. To form DHT your body's 5a-reductase enzyme converts free roaming testosterone DHT inside the hair cell follicle. The DHT then binds to the hair cell receptor and causes it to atrophy or shrink. Eventually your hair follicle stops producing hair and you lose that follicle.

      There are two types of the 5ar enzyme; Type I and Type II. Type II 5ar seems to be the main culprit in MPB as the type II enzyme is present in the hair follicles. Finasteride is a specific inhibitor of Type II 5ar inhibitor that reduces DHT produced by the type II 5ar by 85%-90% and reduces the overall DHT blood serum levels by 65%.

      As you can see Finasteride (PROPECIA ) is extremely useful as a treatment for MPB as it directly attacks the problem. Nizoral shampoo is thought to help "dull" the androgen receptors in the scalp which the DHT binds to. Together they provide a synergetic effect.

      Minoxidil is a hair stimulant. It is the only FDA proven hair stimulant on the market. However stimulating hair and protecting hair from further damage are two separate actions

      Minoxidil will artificially augment your hair while you use the compound but it does NOT have any know effect on 5ar or the androgen receptors in the scalp.

      The best way to attack MPB is to:

      1. Stop further damage to your hair via DHT. You can accomplish this best by using Finasteride to inhibit the 5ar enzyme and Nizoral to "dull" the androgen receptors.

      2. **If** further thickening/regrowth is needed after the hair damaging DHT androgen is reduced then minoxidil can be used to further augment your existing hairs and perhaps even stimulant some dormant hair follicles to resume growing.

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