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  • john_asd
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2009
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    Need suggestion folks

    Hi guys,
    It has been around 4 months that I discovered to my horror that my hairline has receded on my temples. From that moment on, I have been really depressed and not able to think about anything else. I stated to take notice of every hair that falls and am monitoring the hairline at temples. I would really appreciate if you can drop in your comments based on my observations and pics.

    1. A distinct 1/2 inch recession in hairline 4 months back. The hairline more or less stayed there from then on.
    2. mild hairloss on top - which am not sure if its excess but i it wasnt this much earlier. the hairloss is like 1 or 2 on pillows, 5 - 10 when i run my fingers through wet hair and may be 30 or so in total after a shower.

    I recently visited a dermatologist and he prescribed propecia but the way he put it was "i see a normal hairline but if you think you are having hairloss start using propecia immediately!".

    This has put me in a fix as I'm not very sure if the hairloss Im having is significant to start taking propecia. Im not sure if its a good idea to start it "just in case".

    Kindly comment.
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  • Winston
    • Mar 2009
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    Itís difficult to see any hair loss from you pictures, but only you know your own hair. You should see a doctor who can look at your scalp under magnification to see if you have male pattern baldness. They can tell if hair is miniaturizing in certain areas like your crown or in the hair line. If they see miniaturized hair then you are starting to bald, if not then there is no need to start taking the Propecia.
    Do you have better and larger pictures to post?


    • fitnessisgood4u
      • Aug 2014
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      Are you for real? You have awesome hair and many of us guys on here would love to have it.