23 w/ thinning hair, on lots of treatments but getting Nowhere

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    • Dec 2009
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    23 w/ thinning hair, on lots of treatments but getting Nowhere

    Hey guys,

    I've new to this forum but have done quite a few searches and have gotten quite a bit of advice of good advice so far. Heres my issue.

    I've been thinning since 18 and from the period of 22 to now (23.5) my hair loss has picked up a bit, I'm a NW2.5 or so. Previous to 6 months ago I did nothing to treat my hair but have since stacked on treatments and I am STILL LOSING hair quite consistently. I still have a lot of smaller hairs that can be saved near my temple region. I would be very happy to just keep the hair I have though. Here is what i'm on, what else can you suggest?

    Dutasteride - .5 Daily
    Saw Palmetto - 6 capsules 3x a day @ 350mg
    Rogaine - 5% ONCE at night
    Nizoral - Once every day
    Head message once a day after a high dose of flush Niacin (I don't know if this does anything but its somewhat interesting to do)

    In addition I also take omega 3 supplements and am considering adding zinc.

    I just bought another tool call a dermaroller. Basically its an acupuncture type device that creates injuries to the scale and causes the skin to generate new Collagen. I do believe this will do something helpful, but I don't know if it will result in hair growth.