22yrs old and Coping

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  • ODB
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    • Sep 2009
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    22yrs old and Coping

    Hello Bald Brothers,

    I am a 22 year old Florida resident from New Jersey and am coping daily with the fact that my hair is thinning progressively all on my scalp area. I go from being severely anxious about this dilemma, to completely accepting and back to anxious. My confidence can be shattered by simple comments from my buddies and being jealous of the fact that most guys my age donít have to deal with such an issue yet.

    I have come to realize that Accutane along with training my hair to part down the middle and simple genetic predisposition have landed me where I am at today.

    Accutane: I first noticed that the top of my head was thin at the ripe age of 17 after finishing 3 months on Accutane. I wish my dermatologist mentioned that side effect before I began this chemical treatment of a superficial problem with my appearance. This dermatologist also recommended Propecia which I will never ever take under any circumstances due to the experience I had with Accutane. The effects of propecia are nothing short of scary. I hate how they use the term Ďside effectsí which is just seems to be a marketing ploy. Every drug has itís effects, they just market them based on the one good thing a drug can help with, and call the other effects of a drug Ďside effects.í

    Hair Manipulation: I trained my hair to part down the middle for 2 years. I notice now that the middle of my hair is thinnest and the sides are still somewhat thick. I also died my hair blond on two occasions in my life. I have a feeling this attributed greatly to where I am at today.

    Genetic Predisposition: My momís side of the family has thin hair but mostly kept it throughout life. My fatherís side is all bald or balding. I assume that since my hair is thin in the top area, that Iíll mostly likely end up with a similar situation..

    I take saw palmetto, biotin and treat whatís left of my hair with concern and hope to keep what I have for as long as possible. The hair loss industry seems to be 90% unethical and itís refreshing to read on bald truth and feel like im getting some kind of decent information. This website still promotes the compensatory dream that by getting a hair transplant, taking chemicals like finisteride and minoxdil that your problems in life will fade away as you gain hair and confidence. Either way, it feels great to be able to connect with other men who are coping with the same issues. Iíll post pictures when I get the chance. Should I trust big pharmaceutical and the IAHRS to give me objective information, or do they just see me as another sucker willing to pay thousands of dollars for the dream of hair on my head? I would like a hair transplant one day so any comments from fellow bald brothers would be greatly appreciated.

    Email: enjoifla@gmail.com
  • River
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    • Mar 2009
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    If you don't want to lose any more hair, your best bet is Propecia. It works.

    I can see that you are concerned about the possible side effects of using propecia, but you should be aware that unlike the side effects of Accutane, they are very very rare. I suspect that the side effects you fear most are erectile dysfunction and the development of breast tissue. Be aware that both of these conditions could still happen to you even if you decide to never take propecia.