Guys, Opinions for this Lady with HL

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  • fleur de lis
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    • Oct 2009
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    Guys, Opinions for this Lady with HL

    Hello Gentlemen,

    I Know that I am to post over in either the Ladies section of this site, or visit
    the new women's forum ( of which I am a current member) but after three to four month's of lurking here....I just tend to believe that it might get a better answer in this section of the forum

    Quick history: Some problems with hair loss since 2001-- TE's mostly due to Thyroid ups and downs( and the need to adjust meds) and some hairloss due to certain meds that I have had to use--usually settled down fairly quickly after stopping the offending med...... usually 200-300 hairs daily tops--and usually stopped within 6 weeks or so of being off the med that caused the problem( trigger)

    But due to some "concern" about AGA from previous dermo--I started the 2%, Rogaine( way back when) and moved up to the 5% formula--which I had been on for the last two years--it gave me the best head of hair that I ever had in my life.....along with good diet and vitamins

    So, I was using the 5% once, or twice a day when the TE/Shed from all "H*ll"

    Well, They reformulated the Armour Thyroid medication that I had been using for years to treat my thyroid disease ( just garden variety Hypo--low thyroid) and that started another shed--and boy, do I mean a "SHED" 300-400 hairs a day, sometimes more than 500-600 and few days of over 800 hair count--scary. The new formulated thyroid turned me into a case of "Hyperthyroidism" And I had no symptoms of a hyperthyroid condition,I felt "normal" but was stressed out from all the hairloss/of unknown cause--I was actually out looking at wigs( hubby suggested this)

    Lucky for me--Endo caught it fairly quickly, and 3/4 months into it shed is slowing down to between 150-200 hairs daily, a few days are less, like 100-150, scalps still a bit tender, so if I styled my hair more ( I let it air-dry) I might still have a higher hair count.................

    So Here's my query to you all:

    I was on the 5% minox when this all started, dermo(who I went to see due to hair loss and scalp pain prior to knowledge about thyroid med problems) recommended the 5% foam, stating that it was reported to have better results

    Used the foam and within a week, my head was on FIRE, now, I've had sheds before, and they can cause some "scalp sensitivity" but this felt like "nerve damage'--I had to change shampoos,( nizoral, OTC as well as by script) go off the minox for about a week, see the dermo again to make sure there wasn't something else causing this extreme pain, such as a reaction, scaring alopecia, infection, ect.

    I literally could not get the 5% minox foam, or liquid, back on my scalp--I had to drop down to the 2%, and could only get my scalp to tolerate it once a day--but no redness,rash, bumps, nothing......................

    Well, the Endo figured out that "part" of the scalp pain may have been due to
    having to convert me to a T-4 thyroid med to treat my condition until we could get thru to a Canadian Pharmacy to get the original Armour formulation--I had a reaction to the T-4 med--he has several patient experience this recently--all complained of scalp pain, and hair loss( Alot of Armour Thyroid users are allergic to standard T-4 thyroid med's)

    Sooo, after loosing so much hair due to the shed perpertated by the thyroid med, we ( Endo and I) are concerned about upping back up to the 5% Minox too quickly--as I've lost about 35 to 40% of my hair in the last few months due to this...and possibly causing another increase in shedding by going right back to the 5% solution( I don't know if I could handle anymore increased shedding/scalp pain right now)

    Should I?

    Go to 2% monix twice daily, then maybe mix 2% and 5%( equals 3.5%) then maybe yet again go back up to the 5%, at first once a day, then finally back to the 5% twice a day? Would titrating up like this cause less of a "Dred Shed"? ( I went thru a strong shed when I started Rogaine years ago, even the Endo doesn't think that sort of shed would be wise to trigger right now)

    I am sorry to come here and ask you this--but you guys seem to have so much experience with Rogaine--by that I mean trying out different things--you Gentlemen are quite a creative lot--so I was wondering if you might help me out with you thoughts/ideas on this

    Thank You for reading this, and for any help/suggestions that you might have

    Best Regards,
  • fleur de lis
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    • Oct 2009
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    Hey Folks,

    I noticed that I got quite a few "reads" on this thread, but no replies after a few days, so let me tell you what I am "looking for" here, and maybe you can help me..........

    I've lurked here for the last 3-4 months, and I know that you gentlemen experiment with your HL treatment regimes

    So Basicly, I'm wondering if any of you have tried the "Titrating upward method" that I mentioned in my posting above regarding Minox, or in any of the other treatment regimes that you have tried

    I know that most of you probably just start the Rogaine 5%, and let nature take it's course.........................

    But, due to the fact that many people ( male and female) have some pretty nasty scalp pain with HL, and one of the doctors who posts on this very forum stated that Minox can make that pain worse for some people-----I'm wondering if anyone can offer up advice ( and no, I'm not allergic to Rogaine--prior to this shed, I've been on the product for over 12 yrs)

    Sorry about the long original post---but I figured that I had to explain my situation ( TMI--Huh?)

    BTW--My Dermo ,who's at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas, does some hair loss research, (actually there are 2 well known HL researchers there, one is female and known more for Alopecias ( partial and complete) other is a male, more MPB interests, Most gentlemen on this forum would be familiar with him) stated that even amoungst males, Thyroid disease is one of the leading causes of HL--and many people are undx.ed or insufficiently treated--and the testing misses too many people............

    It's the old "Gotta find the trigger" to stop the diffuse sheds criteria thing again
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