New here. Advice on my haircut.

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  • ohara3762
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    • Aug 2009
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    New here. Advice on my haircut.

    My name is Chris. My hair is receding. I tried procerin. What a joke. I have now shaved my head again. Im going to give you a few pics of me. Before and after cutting my hair. I was thinking of a ceasar or french crop type haircut. Im sure a lot of you guys have experiance with trying to find the right haircut for a receding hairline.

    These are a couple of pics that I would try to do. Would either of these with my face type or is my hair to receded? Should I just keep it shaved or grow it back out? Thanks guys.

  • Dr. Glenn Charles
    IAHRS Recommended Hair Transplant Surgeon
    • Nov 2008
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    Chris, from the photos it appears that you have some obvious recession in the hairline and temporal areas. In my opinion you have the right shaped head and can get away with the shaved look. You have to decide whether or not you like the way you look with the hair shaved. You could let your hair grow longer and have it cut and styled to something similar as seen in the photos you supplied. You also have the option of hair transplantation. This is really the only permanent solution to restoring your hairline if that is what you desire. I cannot really assess or comment on your donor hair from these photos.
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