my consultation with the great dr. allan feller

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  • joe from staten island
    • Jan 2009
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    my consultation with the great dr. allan feller

    i recently met with dr. feller for a hair transplant consultation. he was a most caring and gracious individual. he gave me 45 minutes of his time and treated me like , i was some kind of celebrety. when i took off my hat , he seemed shocked, and he stated that my hair was no where near as bad as he had anticipated. he combed through my hair and stated that he could initially retrieve about 1000 follicular units. this amount of hair would make a significant improvement. dr. feller you have my permission to discuss my case on the bald truth forum, i just have 2 questions would you shave the top of my head prior to surgery and do you think the possiblity exists that you could get more then 1000 fue from my scalp. i remember you stated that my scalp was fairly loose i did not understand what that meant. again let me state to my fellow hair loss sufferers anticipating surgery , to go and see dr. allan feller , he is a fine and caring physcian. and i must say that he has a great bed side manner. thanks again dr. feller any commments that you feel like posting about my case on the bald truth forum would be most appreciated. thank you and god bless you dr. feller
  • Spex
    Dr Representative
    • Nov 2008
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    Hi Joe, glad your consult with the doc went well. I do not know anything of your individual case but just wanted to let you know the doc is away for a couple of weeks on holiday so you will possibly not hear from him here for a while.

    I might be able to help a little though. I would have almost certainly of thought the doc would require the recipient area and donor area shaved down (any areas worked on). The Dopnor area will 100% need to be shaved for FUE!

    FUE is unpredictable in terms of how many FUE grafts can be extracted safely in one day - regardless of the BS on the forums. Feller on average extracts approx 1000/1500 safely in a day session. You may only require 1000 (as that appears to be the docs recommendation) therefore you will more than likely hit the numbers via FUE in one session - Its ONLY on the day of surgerythough with FUE that the numbers can be determined as it is down to your physiology. Hope this makes sense.

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