Possible way to make Propecia more effective??

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  • StevenG
    Junior Member
    • Apr 2009
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    Possible way to make Propecia more effective??

    Hey there people,

    I have been doing some research into propecia and found that the half life of propecia is 6 hours. Now this means after this time the effects of taking propecia diminish as the drug breaks down.

    My question is this. This being the case, would it not be more effective to take the drug, not more of the drug, but more often than once a day.
    So instead of taking say 1mg once every 24 hours, take 0.5mg every 12 hours??

    What are your thoughts? Thanks.

  • River
    Junior Member
    • Mar 2009
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    That's an interesting idea. However, you should be aware the fact that finasteride slowly build up in your system over time.

    Let's say that the half life of finasteride is 6 hours, and you take 1 pill

    After 6 hours, you still have 1/2 of that pilll still in your system
    at 12, 1/4
    at 18, 1/8
    at 24 1/16

    But, at hour 24 you take another pill.
    So, now, you actually have 17/16 of that pill in your system. Over time this builds up to the point where you can actually skip a dose without it effecting the efficacy of the drug. People who take the 5mg version of this drug rely on this effect by splitting the drug into quarters and having a day off every 5th day.

    There is also evidence that a dosage of finasteride as low as .05 mg a day can be just as efficacious as a 1mg dosage because finasteride apparently has whats called a flat dose response curve.

    As such, IMO, there would be little additional benefit gained by taking a lower dose more often.


    • brando1
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      • Mar 2009
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      I read that as well, so what I have been doing is is cutting my 5mg of finasteride in 6 ways with crumbs and all. I take .5mg in the AM and .5mg at night.
      Not sure if it works since I shave my head but I will see.