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  • thelangitabove
    Junior Member
    • Oct 2022
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    New at this

    Hiya everyone,

    I'm looking for any suggestions in what are some of the first steps I can do .

    I'm female, 34, and have been noticing that I've been shedding hair for the better of 2 past 2 years. I've never paid too much mind onto this as I usually have thick long hair but it's getting to the point where every time I shower and run my hands through my head, there would be at least several strands of hair that joins the fun.

    I've also notice that my forehead hairline seems to be receding.

    I've scrolled through the forums and saw different approaches to do things including going to a clinic, or performing a blood test (what tests exactly?), or straight up jumping into treatments like fin, mino, or even different shampoos that you can get online.

    Open to suggestions.

  • Nikky
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2022
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