Advice on topical Finasteride

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  • bonefortuna
    Junior Member
    • Feb 2022
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    Advice on topical Finasteride

    Hi Everyone,

    Iím new to this forum and this is my first post.

    I donít wanna bore you all with the details of my experience, but in short, I first noticed my hair loss at the age of 21 ( 7yrs ago) and shortly after went on oral fin 1mg. My hair loss significantly reduced but unfortunately I experienced sexual side effects. 6 months later I got paranoid and decided to stop oral finasteride but continued using minoxidil 5%.

    At this point in time I have lost a noticeable volume of hair, especially at the hairline. I decided to give topical finasteride a try and have been on it for about a week. Iím already losing fewer hairs in the shower and I think (maybe itís my imagination) my hair already looks better. Iíve noticed no side effects so far.

    The solution I have is from Minoxodilmax site, which requires no prescription. It would be great if somebody could tell me whether or not this site is legitimate. If not, then what alternative sites would you recommend. I live in the Middle East, and I donít know of any compounding pharmacies there, so my only bet is to buy it online.

    I need some guidance as Iím just starting to take treatment seriously. Iím not losing my hair without a fight, at least.

  • whenwhen1
    Junior Member
    • Mar 2022
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    many people take this version of topical fin. Basically the finasteride will all be about the same stuff (if its fin at all), but the compounds used to transfer it could be much different one place or the other and maybe sides could be different too because of it. (for more info look up Dr. Victor Hasson (SiloxysSystem) and dutasteride topical and with mesotherapie). Hassons version could be a money scam as well. in the end they also keep the door open for sides in their disclaimers (just like oral).

    Anyway if you just want to try fin topical because like most of us you cannot bare the sides of oral anymore minmax where you got it has at least a known name for selling top fin.

    Question for you:
    How much are you taking of the top fin? What concentration and how many times?

    You say you have just taken it and have no sides yet. How long did it take you to get sides with oral fin?



    • prasedenica
      Junior Member
      • Apr 2022
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