The reason why most herbal hairloss products don't work

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  • Hairyfox
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    • Dec 2021
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    The reason why most herbal hairloss products don't work

    Answer: because they don't contain any herbs, or at least the quantity is so low as to be practically trace.

    I have been researching herbs for hairloss for quite a few years and have played around with making several myself. One thing you will notice if you have done this is the resulting liquid is either brown, orange, yellow, red or green depending on the herbs used. I have never dumped herbs into a solution and ended up with a clear liquid, it's impossible and if you have been sold a herbal hairloss product and it is almost as clear as water you have been ripped off!

    Today was a case in point. Found a product with a pritty good herb list on the bottle according to my research. I was quite excited to get the product but when I opened it to inspect the colour of the liquid, heart sank...clear as water which translates to no chance of working and you just got ripped off.
    The herbal extracts it supposedly contained were mostly dark brown powders, green and yellow yet this manufacturer preform a miracle of adding a load of brown, green and yellow powders to a water base and ending up with a liquid as clear as water!
    Practices like which are very very common have lead to the hairloss community in general believing that herbal hairloss ingredients straight up don't work.

    What really gets me angry is that these products are often relatively expensive and those herbal extract raw ingredients are dirt cheap so what's the excuse other then a shameful level of greed and not genuinely giving a damn if your product actually works or not.