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  • larryjoe1
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    • Jan 2010
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    need oppinions please

    Just to start off, I'm cheap, not looking to spend a crap load on hair products. With that being said, I stumbled on this product for 13, or 25 dollars called revitroultra. wasn't sure if anyone had tried it and if they had, what was their results. I have tried monoxidile products, pills with dht blockers, saw palmetto pills, and a few others over the last few years, and they help, but just a little, minus the extream hair lose with the monoxidile. (didn't want to lose anymore hair to then just gain new monoxidile dependent hair). OK, So if you have checked this product, give me a heads up please.
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  • bighosedragger
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    • Dec 2008
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    there are only three products approved by the FDA! I personally would stick with the three approved and visit an experienced hair doctor....they have the best knowledge about hair loss and the best methods to attack the problem. with that being said you should consider any actions you take to stop, slow, or regrow your hair will be permanant and will require a lifetime of dedication. with a proper knowledge and use of available medication can yield significant results. dont fall for all the other gimmicks and quick fixes!